Author Topic: [things] Things that haven't had a 'things' thread about them yet, but soon will  (Read 450 times)

OK, what other 'things' threads are lined up in this summer of 'things'? Here's one to start with:

Things that annoy TJ and Neil


  • "I don't give a shit if your dad's dead or anything else"
I think:

Things which make you think about possibly wanking, in a good way, about hating all comedy before you've seen it; and wasn't doing that better in the 70s? Why was that?

Might cause some kind of nuclear reaction in the CaB universe and obliterate everything.

look at you two with your 5000+ posts each, you are like two Harryhausen titans pulling down the pillars of civilization as we know it.

It's all just one big clique isn't it. You whoremasons. Most of us have little idea what you're on about.

Things you need to do to get into the clique


  • Dropping the kids off.
Things you need to do to stay OUT off the CLIQUE!!! V.1


  • Enormous chip on shoulder stemming from insurmountable superiority complex
This has been done.


  • For a while now... Aaaaaaah...
How about "not start threads like this one"?