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Re: Foundation (Asimov series)
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It’s really bizarre. I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt for now as just an SF TV series. But it’s not Asimov. My working hypothesis is someone at Apple wanted to get the rights to Dune and either wires got crossed or they decided to buy a similarly legendary SF classic and tweak it to match. Fully expect someone to say “God created Terminus to train the faithful” at some point, especially if they do use the “fake religion as a means of empire-building” storylines from the original novel.


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Re: Foundation (Asimov series)
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Renewed for season 2.

No, I don't understand why either.

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Re: Foundation (Asimov series)
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It's so boring and soooo badly conveyed, I keep having to lean on Wikipedia just to get a grasp on what the fuck is happening.

I'm also kind of amazed how, in spite of the cash thrown at the show, there's no sense of the actual infrastructure of the Empire. The only trade route leading to Terminus appears to be one guy and the business of the Foundation appears to be stalling until the events of The Encyclopedists start.

It's very boring, did I say that? It's extremely boring.