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Your "Online Game Spend"
« on: October 01, 2021, 12:07:59 AM »
Was just wondering what your online game spend was. I have played one online game in the last seven years and it's Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC). I've been playing it for about seven years and have spent about €700.00 which puts my spend at about €0.0365 per day which is about 3p per day and about £80.00 per year. And most of my spend is due to drinking and the resultant loss of inhibitions, sobriety inevitably results in much tighter purse strings.

And I still consider myself "free to play". The reason for this is none of my in game purchases had any real in game advantages and I've seen videos where people spent at least £2,500.00 in a few minutes to get a character that cost me no money at all. Also I've seen "events" where people have spent £200,00.00 or more with people speculating that they are laundering money.

Post your shame here, or don't.

Re: Your "Online Game Spend"
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When free to play was starting to become a thing, it felt like it was going to be the new normal for pc multiplayer, so I always felt comfortable with spending twenty - thirty quid on a game that I was having great fun with, that I thought was doing things right.

I figured it was the players chance to have our say, put our money where our mouths were and steer the ship.

If a game was selling cosmetics only or weapons or characters you'd be able to unlock eventually through play without the grind being too over-inflated.

I only ever got into a few free to play games and only spent that twenty to thirty quid on them.

My nephew on the other hand, by god that's a whole other story. We tried our best, mistakes were made along the way, if I was solely in charge, he'd be allowed to spend his money on new games, but not one penny on in-game tat.
No judgement, but if we added it all up, I dread to think.

Just had a look and I've bought 21 digital games on steam this year and spent £116.82.