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Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City.

Started by Glebe, October 07, 2021, 09:56:21 PM

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Harpo Speaks

Quote from: BritishHobo on October 08, 2021, 09:19:25 PM

I've been seeing similar comments in the discussion around the TLOU TV series, and some people seem to have real trouble grasping that it's supposed to be an adaption in another medium and not simply a shot-for-shot live action remake of the game.


I've have never heard more inappropriate music in a trailer than 4 Non Blondes What's Up in what looks like a completely po-faced serious film based around Resident Evil 2. Desperately trying to piggyback a "meme" (it's in that photo-singing app under the techno-house version from the He Man thing) with a complete load of old shit film


Quote from: Chedney Honks on October 10, 2021, 08:51:49 AM
Gamers are fossil fuel at best.

There is something inherently infantilised and off about 'gamers' that you dont see with people who are irrationally attached to film or music etc. Dunno what it is.


That film is (was!) initially consumed as some sort of communal experience - i.e. going to the cinema; similarly with music and gigs? That there is therefore a human connection that is lacking in gaming (since it stopped being in arcades, or via tabletop roleplay) apart from over the Internet which as we all know puts all social contact through a prism?

No idea, just thinking aloud...

Mister Six

Probably that cinema and music, while both basically popular entertainment that was elevated to an artform by ambitious and talented creators, was always primarily aimed at a mass audience of adults, and so the maturing of form and content was simply about catching up with the viewers, whereas video games were primarily viewed as distractions for children and nerds for about half their lifespan to date, and thus accumulated a hard core of overgrown babies for whom video games and their attendant childhood nostalgia are a replacement for anything else in their lives, including friendship, love and spiritual fulfillment.

Hardcore cinephiles and literati are equally annoying, but their development arrests somewhere in their twenties instead.