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« on: October 11, 2021, 12:31:14 PM »
So I'm currently playing Valkyria Chronicles 4 and one of the characters in the squad is a trans woman! At least I think so. No fuss made just quick little description that she presents as feminine. I quite liked this to be honest, just a tiny little thing that makes the world seem a bit better.

Saying that, it's a japanese game so the entirety of the cast is under the age of 25.
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Re: Progressiveness.
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In espgaluda you play as gender shifting fairies! That was released in 2003.
I managed to 1cc that back in  June. The final boss is a fucking arsehole!
Great game!

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Re: Progressiveness.
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Sorry to pick you up on this, but it's "trans woman", two words.

Anyway yeah, I've been thinking about this myself of late. Basically, noone cares anymore, do they? I think GamerGate probably just had to happen, so that everyone could then just call down and stfu worrying about stuff like representation in games.

Now the conversation can instead move to corporations exploiting progressiveness 😛

But yeah, Apex is a great example of a game that has very diverse characters, and Respawn have also started giving out stuff like "Black Lives Matter" and "Suicide Awareness" badges.


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I do appreciate Deathloop passing the minority bechdale test, where two black characters can be at the centre of the narrative without the fact they are black being the entire point of it and the starting point for all their interactions with the world. Granted I've not seen too much of it so I could be completely wrong, but its something that even progressive indie games fail at too often.

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Re: Progressiveness.
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I had the misfortune to be on one of the gaming forums that 'allowed' (read 'endorsed') discussion of the G*G* business when it was all going on. 

Stayed out of the way, but it was bleak; I've been convinced of the inherently reactionary nature of 'gamers' ever since.