Author Topic: Would you deliver a Christmas tree to someone else for a discount on your tree?  (Read 545 times)

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A Christmas tree seller is asking his customers to make deliveries for him because he cannot find staff to fill vacancies.

Matthew Corrie, of Fife Christmas Trees in Dunfermline, said he came up with the idea because more and more people were opting for a delivery service.

Before the pandemic, most customers collected their tree in person.

He is offering customers a discount if they collect their own tree and deliver one to someone else near their home.

Businesses in a range of sectors have been reporting difficulties in attracting workers...He is offering customers a £10 discount if they will deliver a tree to someone else living nearby.

Is this something you would take Matthew up on? I don't drive but even if I did I wouldn't - imagine the hassle of having to find a time that the other person would be in. £10 is a lot of money but if the person has to change the delivery time at short notice it might be a bit of a faff. Also, how many people have roof racks?

Good promotion for this man's tree company though.

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Also it’s really great and everything, but let’s say you’re a Good Samaritan who wants to help deliver trees to three or more of your neighbours.  All of a sudden you are earning yourself £10 off three trees for yourself, and having to explain to everyone who visits why you’ve accrued enough trees to prevent access to the room containing them.

Or can you stack the £10 in series rather than parallel?  Can you earn £30 off one tree?  £50 for five neighbours?  Are you allowed to push payment for your solitary tree into minus figures?

I can’t say this scenario particularly answered any questions in the first place, but let’s just say now that it has generated more questions than it answered.


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Is one expected to put them to death as well?  Not sure I could stomach that if I'm totally honest.  Frankly, I'm not sure I'd want someone who could delivering anything to my home.  What disturbing times we live in.


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Got last year’s in the garage.  Looks solid, smells great.  Probably going to give it a try.


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Can I just shock you for a moment: We never put up a tree here.

And it's not from hating Christmas or anything. Just cannot be arsed with the green spiky bastards.


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Had the same plastic tree since 1997. Also: Christmas is shit.

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No, get your own tree, you lazy basket.

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Would put me off ordering.
Putting your trust in the general public.
It’ll not be long before trees go ‘missing’ (get sold on) and ‘Christmas is ruined’ headlines.


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And won't anyone think of the traditional precarious workers' work at this FESTIVE TIME?  All well and good, killing your own and hanging it on the Cross to save coin but whither the work of the peasant right against the forest fence by St Agnes' fountain, yeah


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Quite simply, no.

Love it when businesses are forced to grovelling like this.

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I wonder if people get a choice on whether their tree is delivered by Hugo or a random customer.


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Natural trees are insane fire hazards just waiting to go off so fuck that. Might aswell store open buckets of Napalm-A in your living room.


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Got a Krinner Christmas tree stand last year that takes about a minute to get the tree up nice and secure. Gamechanger.


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This just reminds me of the menhir-delivery business in Obelix & Co., and we all know how THAT ended.

They beat up the Romans and then had a jolly good banquet. I’m not sure what point I’m making here…


Yeah what happens when the other customer isn't in, or the deliverer just leaves it outside their house, or the recipient expects the tree to be carried inside for them and the deliverer says fuck that I'm not an employee, or the tree is in shit condition and the recipient wants to send it back and the deliverer says fuck that I'm not an employee, or someone supposed to be delivering changes their pickup time so now their recipient won't get their delivery when they're expecting, or any other number of reasons why it's not a great idea to have favours from your customers as a fallback for your business model. Might work in a small town or village with a nice community spirit but in general no, not going to work.


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Hi guys, tree buying is it, that time of year again eh, if I can all just ask you to sign in and sanitize your hands, i'll show you to your table, will it be bread and olives to start then, yeah thought so I'll be right out with those in a sec then we can get cracking for you superstars"


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Christmas trees are shit to me now.  Ruined since that time pancs posted that photograph.  Engraved in the darkness behind my eyes forever, that is.  What a bastard.


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Good promotion for this man's tree company though.

Yeah. It seems remarkably easy to con the BBC into running an ad for your business. I wonder if he is related to someone there?