Author Topic: The Moth Effect (Australian sketch show on Amazon)  (Read 249 times)

The Moth Effect (Australian sketch show on Amazon)
« on: October 12, 2021, 12:58:38 PM »
Amazon gives me terrible recommendations for TV so only came across this this week though I think it came out in July.

Anyway, sketch show from Nick Boshier (Bondi Hipsters, Drunk History Australia) and Jazz Twemlow (senior writer for topical comedy talk show Tonightly). Some decent enough ideas such as a Q-Anon makeover show for old contrarians, taking nags from IoT devices to their extreme and David Attenborough becoming a Godzilla-like creature because nobody will listen to him on global warming. Rather variable as you'd expect from a sketch show, not much subtlety and a tendency for sketches to go on too long and not always have enough jokes beyond their main concept. However, it did still get enough laughs from me to make it worth a watch. Six episodes of only around 17 mins each so doesn't outstay its welcome.