Author Topic: [muso] Let's get some kind of music-making challenges going (Challenge now underway! Submit your own "Louie, Louie" cover.)  (Read 1911 times)

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I love programming drums.

I wish I could afford ableton 5

The three versions already posted are brilliant.  I especially love V's song.

Excellent work all round!

Thanks. I had intended to sing in a cheesy ballad stylee, but was appalled at just how bad my voice sounds nowadays.

Particularly sad as it's almost the 24th anniversary of my TV debut on Songs of Praise. I sang like an angel before my balls dropped.

Wow, these are ace!  Although, I still can't get yours to download boki, I just get a 5-second file.  Could you please send it to my waynecarr@gmail addy when you get a chance?  I missed the boat on starting the new thread really, didn't I?  Damn.  And this was finally my chance to bore the balls off you all by going on and on and on about the history of "Louie, Louie".  I'm going to have to work on mine although I feel even more intimidated now, but this is all good practice and that's the main thing.  

Yeah this is great, I'm really enjoying these, they're very diverse so far!

I'm satisfyingly disturbed by your version there, V.
It's very Red Shoe Diaries/late night Channel 5, that wailing guitar tone is perfect.

Quote from: "V"
Started trying to do it as an 80s ballad, but it mutated out of my control...

Quality! It’s 80s Leonard Cohen karaoke night down at the Blue Bamboo :)


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Quote from: "Neil"
Wow, these are ace!  Although, I still can't get yours to download boki, I just get a 5-second file.

That's all it is!  I just uploaded that as that was the riff I was hammering out whilst jumping around and growling (don't have a mic, so everyone was thankfully spared from that!)  The inspiration hasn't hit to do a full version (and I wouldn't be able to play in time for that long anyway)

Ah I see, I was wanting to hear the singing!


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Quote from: "Neil"
Ah I see, I was wanting to hear the singing!

You've clearly never heard me 'sing' :)


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V - that's brilliant. Absolutely great.

Here's the original version of "Louie, Louie."

richard berry and the pharaohs-louie louie

Quite different stylistically from the Kingsmen's version.  And you can easily make out the lyrics...the funny thing about the Kingsmen's version - and undoubetdly part of what fueled its popularity and made their version more popular than that by the Rockin' Robin Robert Fabulous Wailers* and Paul Revere and The Raiders** - is that noone can tell what the hell Jack Ely is singing!  So rumours started to circulate that the words were deliberately indecipherable to disguise some utterly obscene lyrics, a popular rumour was that you could only make out the real lyrics by playing the single at the wrong speed.  Eventually the FBI stuck their nose in, and spent a couple of years investigating the lyrics without coming to any real conclusions...they couldn't decipher Jack Ely either, heh.  

Iggy Pop did start doing live versions of the song using some of the dirty lyrics, and he changes the lyrics around again on American Ceasar.  The first time I heard that version or one of the live versions my jaw dropped, it made it abundantly clear who'd ripped the song off in (relatively) recent times.  He'd kind of disguised the song a bit, most notably with percussive strokes.  The Iggy Pop versions fall kind of in between this song and "Louie, Louie."

People still rip off and cover "Louie, Louie" to this day, another steal I found just very recently is Lipstick by Dressy Bessy.  Anyway, let's keep those covers coming!

* They're the ones who changed the style of the song and came up with the line "Let's give it to em right now."   The Kingsmen based their version on this record, although Jack Ely was the only one who heard it and who taught the rest of the group it.

** Worth quickly mentioning that these chaps put on spectacular live performances where they would do stuff like set fire to their instruments,   years before the likes of Jimi Hendrix.


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Hm... I've got an idea for this. It's not a very good one, but I'll give it a try. And no, it's not a bootleg/mashup. But the idea will incorporate samples from other versions.

I started a remix back when this thread was current, but completely lost interest in it. It was only boredom setting in on Boxing Day that motivated me to finish it.

Muteki - Louie Louie (Cold Turkey Remix)

Edit: I've made it sound quite unappealing haven't I. It's lively, honest!

That's bloody great!  EDIT:  And so's yours falafel, only just heard it, lovely stuff chaps.

I found another LL lift/homage tonight on The Friday Night Project, of all places.  It was Baby I Don't Care by Transvision Vamp.  Wendy James has gone up in my estimation.

Maybe someone should start a new challenge thread now?