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Toast of London

Started by Subtle Mocking, October 20, 2013, 10:54:37 PM

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Ray Purchase Vs The Wind Machine was a superb moment.

His facial expressions are my TV highlight of the year.


Enjoyed Clem Fandango being a mason. And the presentation of objects turning out to be a memory game.

The Plough acid sub-plot, though, was weak.  Will there never be an episode of this that's good from start to finish?


Another shit but funny episode. Amnesiac's description sums it up perfectly.

Toast's visits to
Spoiler alert
a still Dickensian East End
was so daft but made me chuckle, as did
Spoiler alert
the wind machine, and Berrys pronunciation of "Cockney cheap-jack.
". I agree about the acid tripping, although when Plough turned up for the  party I liked the
Spoiler alert
TARDIS sound effect
when she saw Davison.


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Quote from: undeliberated on November 25, 2014, 03:16:50 AM

The Plough acid sub-plot, though, was weak.  Will there never be an episode of this that's good from start to finish?

Agreed on the acid sub-plot but I'm thankful it at least managed to avoid the lazy comedy trope of someone unknowingly ingesting drugs with LOL consequences.
Again lots of good moments in this, although weirdly I'm starting to enjoy it more retrospectively - normally the next day - when I can wallow in the shambolic, disparate nature of it.

One complaint though - for such a chaotic show the songs seem very, very tame.


I liked Toast saying "I'll have a slice of that" in the Eyes Wide Shut bit.


Matthew Holness has tweeted that he's in tonight's episode.
No spoilers, but it's another superb ToL character name.

Arthur Mathews says that this episode is his favourite too.


The last one of this series (I'm presuming) on the 4-OD website now is a corker.
Spoiler alert
Alan thingy (the cockney hardman)
is in it & him out of
Spoiler alert
Queens Of The Stone Age
too. Who is apparently
Spoiler alert
Morgana Doo-Dah's

Spoiler alert
Steve Pemberton as Francis Bacon
with the singing voice of
Spoiler alert
Neil Hannon

So many blanks.

Aye, that last episode is a good one right enough.  Everything but the kitchen sink in it.  Is it the last we'll hear of Toast?  Was certainly left open for another series but maybe they should quit while they're ahead?

Episode  was the weakest of the series - not sure why they decided to lead with it.

dr beat

The last ep didn't do it for me as the recent episodes which I thought were great, but I'll watch it again as Toast rewards a second look.  It did seem a little too thrown together though, although nice cameo at the end.


I looked at the last episode on 4oD as a break from five solid days of marking awful student essays (No, sorry, but Herodotus did NOT write in English, so you cannot argue that his translation of the text is a poor one. This from a university student), and seriously enjoyed it.

I didn't see the final cameo coming and actually clapped my hands like a little kid being presented with a new kitten. (It was a cameo that I expected in the episode when Toast become a Mason, actually).


Yay!! This is SPLENDID news. Last night's Ep was my favourite of the series.

Anything that keeps Robert Bathurst in comedy can only be a good thing.


There were several laugh out loud moments in that last episode, I'd be fascinated what they made his
Spoiler alert
crotchal region
out of. Pleased it has got recommissioned, was a bit worried when the ad-break was very short, assumed that if C4 couldn't sell advertising for it, it would be toast finished.

Overall the series seems better than the first series, perhaps it needed a while to get into the world. Could do without most of the songs though. Worked for the masons and the Moosetrap, but other than that it just doesn't seem to work and breaks the rhythm.

Norton Canes

Did Bacon really say "printerer cartridges'? If so that was the funniest thing I've seen on telly for ages.

If not, it was was the funniest thing I've imagined I've seen on telly ever.


(belated reaction to last ep)

No Ray Purchase sadly, but dems good cameos.


Yay! A BAFTA for Matt Berry for Toast.


In his proper voice too. I thought he was going to cry. Very sweet speech.

Jessica Hynes also did a nice speech. Some good winners tonight.


Raising this thread from the dead: Next series of Toast starts on 18 November

Before you read the article, who would you cast to play Stephen Toast's dad?