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Comedy lines that just tickle the shit out of you Mk.II

Started by Benjaminos, March 10, 2020, 08:43:20 AM

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Pink Gregory

It's from Bob's Burgers but the context will probably not improve it.

"You're hogging them, aren't you?  You're a hoggie oggie!"

The Mollusk

"It's jammed full of mucilage!"

"Well... un-jam it full of mucilage."

"With what?!"

"Swab it out! Why do you think we have those expensive swabs?"

The incredibly deft world building achieved in such a small timeframe on Frisky Dingo makes throwaway sentences like that last one - which reference nothing that came beforehand or bear any relevance to anything that comes after - so funny that they stick in my head for well over a decade since I first saw the show.

Pink Gregory

Was thinking about that little moment between
Quote from: The Mollusk on January 03, 2022, 08:47:54 PMFrisky Dingo

Was thinking today about that little moment in which Killface and Xander Crews have a little bonding moment over Anthony Hopkins


Started reading Bob's autobiography last night. He describes visiting the doctor as a child, who has to anally examine hem, at which point he lets one go in a big way. The doctor says

"Better an empty house than an unruly tenant"

I'm still laughing now.


the Fallen

Kramer rings George for a lift.

Jerry: He won't take you

George answers with fiancee and wig homosexual

"I'll pick you up right now"

It's the suddenness, children


"Women were deemed too silly for space"

Watched Brass Eye for the first time in about 10 years and that really got me.