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BEERS #2 - Beyond the Pale

Started by Shoulders?-Stomach!, March 30, 2020, 03:56:03 PM

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Delerium Noel, liquid figgy pudding.

Viru, liquid err... Let's leave it there. Liquid.

Quote from: chutnut on December 30, 2021, 04:39:43 PMCheers that does have a few things the other places I've been going to don't, so I'll definitely give it a visit at some point. It's still a pretty limited selection compared to the big bois up north though.

I'm off here next weekend which has a pretty mad amount of stuff on the menu

Ooh I didn't know about that place, will check it out next time I'm in Bedminster.


Vault City Double Maple Triple Chocolate Blueberry S'more is fucking incredible.

Sour/stout hybrid AND vegan. Never had a better one of this style.

Thick, smooth with sourness cutting through without compromising the indulgence in any way.


Sounds outstanding. Reminds me of this black cherry limited edition Tonkoko stout from a year or so ago. Very gooey kind of vanilla/tonk dark choccy creamy slightly bitter stout with a good lashing of tart purple chezza cutting through. Mouthwatering stuff. Fuck.


Quote from: shoulders on December 30, 2021, 06:04:35 PMDelerium Noel, liquid figgy pudding.

Viru, liquid err... Let's leave it there. Liquid.

Ah, I like liquid. Happy New Year!


A quick Framconio review

Klosterbrau Bamberger Bockbier. 6.9% abv

A light brown caramel coloured bock with a thick, full bodied texture as you could expect from the strength and style.

Fruity aroma and flavour, with a general mild fudge quality too, but this beer is not totally indulgent as I expected it may be. With a well hopped, distinctly bitter lingering finish, there is a sting in this goat*'s tail.

In the resolution sensations and flavours come and go fleetingly. Caramelising sugar, thistle, slight hints of brambles and forest fruits, with that hop note pushing and pushing.

It's a successful brew, certainly clear it achieves a lot of what the brewmaster intends.

*Bock = Goat

Gradual Decline

Has anyone done a order recently?

Got some serious Schübel Kellerbock withdrawal symptoms. Yet slightly weary of the import costs, etc. post-cuntxit.


Tbf I've not bothered since the selection in UK bottleshops improved so much from late 2020 onwards.

With Hier Gibt Bier's previous pre-Brexit shipping costs it worked out about £3.50 a bottle which was OK for lockdown but on my upper limit.

Since the changes have gone through it is cheaper buying from somewhere like Raynville Superstore.

I haven't had a Schubel Kellerbock in a while either now you mention it. That beer is magnificent.

Gradual Decline

The Kellerbock is the one beer I'm physically willing places like Raynville and Trembling Madness to suddenly start stocking as if by magic.

I probably need to investigate a suitable 'bock alternative...


Christmas present of Straffe Hendrick Tripel (750ml) drunk this evening along with the documentary 14 Peaks.

Was amazed at the smoothness, I thought it'd be a bit of a challenge given the 9% strength but arguably easier than many, didn't get wearing either.


Mildly huffed off at bars that have a pretty crummy standard German lager like Flensburger or Veltins as their standard lager and charge £4.50+ for it.

Just put on a regular shitey lager and charge £3.50, you're robbing folk who just want a regular shitey lager as well as
 people like me who notice this shit.


Getting bad when I was genuinely 50/50 about joining Rauchbier Revivalists fb group just now.


Thanks to the occasional visit to the previously mentioned Pies and Ale bar that recently opened near me I am rediscovering my love for the Yorkshire session ales of my distant past. I had a lovely pint of Daleside Blonde after work today.


I bet you did you dirty old bollocks I bet you fucking did


No-one speaks to me like that, not even my closest friends. YOUR BLOCKED


Been meaning for years to either find accommodation in Masham or stay with a mate nearby and just get absolutely rekt at the Theakston and Black Sheep brewery taps.

A good Yorkshire session bitter seems to appeal to some part of me that your beard-stroking bloke in Kentucky on his third mail-order chocolate fudge imperial stout of the week will never feel over his obsessive cataloguing.

the Fallen

Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder


Had one of these at the weekend, very nice


Aye, Raynville were selling their glass mug which I gladly picked up.

A nice beer with an interesting dusky quality. Not quite smoke, but rich earthiness that clings to flavour and texture. Lucky enough to have had a draft pint at Stadtlokal in Forchheim. Absolutely belting.

(Yet trying to get any in the exquisitely beautiful but virtually publess Lauf an der Pegnitz is very difficult.)


Oh yeah, that's a lovely one. Wouldn't mind a fresh one of those.

Investigative journalist Mark Daly has an hour-long documentary 'The Truth about BrewDog', on BBC1 Scotland and iPlayer on the 24th. I doubt there'll be much that hasn't already been discussed on social media and elsewhere, but will be interesting to how 'The Lads' respond.


Probably not much new in terms of scoops but I will be interested in how its presented and what the fallout will be. Sometimes testimonials are more affecting in this format.

Ultimately these investigations are of limited use when the company is still run by a megalomaniac prepated to exhaust, humiliate, overwork and crush anyone in order to fulfil his overblown manbaby ambitions of having a Brewdog in Vegas or Ayers Rock or whatever purile vulgar shit he has cooked up next.


Whoever does the cans design is a genius though.


Moar cuntery

It honestly feels like the media are out to get BrewDog now, be really good to see that turn into something.


I think the gas chamber is the only appropriate penalty for Mr. Watt.


Had a can of Punk IPA over Christmas and it was barely drinkable. Absolutely no idea what's happened there but it was (in date and) absolutely rank.

Had a can of Tribute last night, delicious. Not usually into ale in a can but it was nice.

Protect his investment in Heineken, more like.