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Pubs then

Started by Shoulders?-Stomach!, August 17, 2021, 10:18:59 PM

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Interesting - don't think of C&B as being particularly picturesque, but there we go.

(I also preferred it when it was The Junction, but that was a looooong time ago...)

Blinder Data

How is it that Edinburgh has so many more pubs that are interesting, of historic/cultural value and worth visiting than Glasgow, when we all know that it's a more boring city? It's a weird one.

Blue Jam

Quote from: greencalx on January 12, 2022, 01:12:21 PMInteresting - don't think of C&B as being particularly picturesque, but there we go.

High ceiling, horseshoe bar, walls covered in old school brewery-branded mirrors... if nothing else it's a very "pubby"-looking British pub, perhaps that's what the BBC and Amazon Prime think US viewers want to see. Even if all those mirrors reflecting the crew and cameras are going to make post-production a nightmare.

Read a bit more about this and seen Jon HAMM was also spotted and photgraphed in there. Don Draper in the Cask and Barrel, blimey.

May I break some ice here, to smithereens really, by telling you about a pub in Dublin I've made a bit of use of, but which doesn't feel fair to name?

Went there for the first time about a week ago, all went well, cosy, had some spontaneous company from a South African lady when I'm used to just sitting scribbling in pads. She went off for a dinner - I did a good job of not looking needy and desperate for her to stay, real progress there. I was feeling needy and was desperate for her to stay, but I've calibrated a particular smile now that looks convincingly easy come easy go.

Went back the next day and immediately noticed a strong aroma, one I associate with a sweating arse that continues to ripen in depressive stupor. I've only got in that state two or three times myself - five, tops - and it's its own lesson. Began talking to a man about Strumpet City, which I'd never heard of. He seemed convinced I can bring it back. I don't think I look like I've got a television let alone look like I'm in television. During the conversation I heaved a few times with the aroma but then, worryingly really, it started to seem to subside, on and off. I did think a few times of the poor bugger behind the smell and what the story might be. The place has character and would otherwise be a favorite - no one's trying to bring you a menu or refill your glass when you're only halfway.

I was not feeling great, though, and started to drink faster. I left, having accepted that a Strumpet City reboot is in my hands and mine only, and not twenty metres away from the place vomited. Then I heaved, then I vomited again. Then again, and again. Reached the room and heaved and vomited abundantly twice more.

I've never known this, vomiting from a stench - it was a stench, not an aroma or a smell; I've been trying to ease you in - and two hours later I could honestly feel myself mentally reeling from the experience as if it had been an assault. The next day, nearly two miles from the place I recalled the experience and heaved again, stopped in a doorway and steadied myself. I've got PTSD from something else so maybe the neurology of that weaved through the experience.

I did later wonder if it might have been a dog, but the flavour was very much human hopelessness, I think. Was I puking at my own potential fall?

If you're in the area, and it may or may not be fairly near Connolly Station, and if you enter a pub and catch this olfactory horror, leave please, leave straight away. If the state of the toilet's anything to go by, no one will have washed the affected seat. If the place caught fire they'd probably just let it die down by itself, mid-shift or overnight.

I do apologise, this is really no way to introduce myself is it, but I'm probably still reeling and I saw the word 'pub' here and flinched but needed to confess. I do apologise.


Quite sad to see that the Tower Tavern in Fitzrovia has closed. A 20th century flat roof pub, sitting under the Post Office Tower, this was always a pleasant, spacious boozer.

Fitzrovia has several great pubs, & it's my locale of choice when drinking in the West End (along with Marylebone), but this will be missed. It's no frills appearance means it's unlikely to be saved & will almost certainly be demolished.