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least funny python to make shit documentary not worth watching

Started by madhair60, August 23, 2021, 05:01:00 PM

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Autopsy Turvey

Quote from: The Crumb on January 07, 2022, 05:36:06 PMParts of Norwich are given over to these things without even needing the expats.

There are neighbourhoods in Norwich given over to American culture and religiosity? Not just the odd burger bar that does peanut butter and bacon in the same bun?

QuoteAside from a lack of 'certain folk', what identifiable traits give Norwich it's Englishness?

This is a massive question, books could be written. To play along with the provocative spirit of the question, maybe it is the lack of non-English people.

QuoteDo you have a handy map of these zones?


QuoteDoes the presence of other cultures actively destroy Englishness or is it possible for an area to exhibit multiple cultural identities at once?

Massive question again, more books could be written, but let's say perhaps sometimes it can do, just as there are parts of Spain whose Spanishness has been destroyed by the proliferation of British ex-pats and holidaymakers. And yes it certainly is possible for an area to exhibit multiple cultural identities at once, but the result of that might not be a city that looks/feels/sounds English, for what that's worth (visitors from overseas are often more concerned about this than the English).

QuoteIf we're talking about parts of the city being handed over, would it not be more worthwhile to look at the dodgy planning deals, the desirable areas being sold off as investments rather than homes, the empty decaying mansions and the encroaching privatisation of public areas?

Absolutely, such factors are especially relevant to Cleese's point as these very often benefit the Russians and the Chinese. Let's hope they've been reconciled c/o How To Do It!