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Stewart Lee trending on Twitter as a result of his end of year newsletter

Started by Vroomo, January 03, 2022, 09:01:44 AM

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...more specifically, his "in the pedal bin" section where he named "Darrell MacLaine" (amongst loads of others), leading for Darrell to post this thread:

(Awful lot of people with dinosaurs emojis in their username showing support)




Does he do these nice/naughty lists every year? Bit arsey. Though I'm sure a lot of people will 'agree the fuck out of it', so mission accomplished.


This is a classic case of someone moaning about a nice thing on Twitter and in doing so making it a lot bigger. How many people would have a) read the list and b) picked out his name if he hadn't had a whinge about it on Twitter? The whole "sold his stuff on ebay for a surprisingly small amount" is very Partridge last laugh


Like I suspect many others I've never heard of this bloke and now I have, and if I was him I'd have thought more about that aspect of this before responding. I've no idea what Lee's issue with him is but he'd have been better off making hay out of it rather than whining on Twitter.



he consumes so much art that I am surprised he's not bald and on here


Cor, that's a lot of stuff that he's read, watched and listened to in the past year.

I think this Stewart Lee guy needs a hobby!!!


eats and makes a lot of phal, I bet sleeping with him is like trying to stay flat in a wind tunnel with a flap of Bounce as your only comfort.

can't see why this Maclaine character is worthy of the mention though. I daresay he has a point, even if he does seem like a mediocre opportunist looking for sympathy dopamine.

Dr Rock


I bet he knows full well but has managed to keep it out of the public eye. Some cursory searches shows he talks a lot about comedy and comedy commissioning. Surprised he's not bald and on here.

Dr Rock

Yeah he's not following any terfs or right-wingers from a cursory look.

Indomitable Spirit

Seems like this guy did a bunch of deso comedy song covers (Billy Joel sings the theme from Bread) and off the back of it appeared of a few national radio shows. My guess is Stew heard one of these are was like "this is shite" and scribbled him down on his naughty list.

This guy was obvs a Lee superfan at some point, so Stew thinking he's shit for cunt will obviously burn. His use of the word "baseless" in his right to reply is very funny though. You're shite mate - this critique is all base I'm afraid.

the science eel

Had a quick listen to some of his attempts on YT and this one's sort of OK

Dr Rock

Dr Rock

I trust Stew. Probably a nonce, or didn't follow queuing etiquette at a curry house in Stoke Newington

Poirots BigGarlickyCorpse

so the only thing Stew did to this guy was put his name on a list entitled "In the Pedal Bin" along with a fuckton of other people, most of whom I'd have to Google to find out who they are

is anybody's career living or dying by what Stewart Lee thinks of them

the science eel

well he's mentioned alongside Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak and Elton John (I think) so he must have REALLY antagonised our chubsome mate

Jackson K Pollock

Not sure how to put this, and I've never heard of this MacLaine guy before, so if he turns out to be the next Harold Shipman then this post certainly won't age well, but...

(Deep breath)

I have noticed that Stewart Lee fans (of which I consider myself a lapsed one) seem to have a way to justify anything he does, and it's a topic I've considered starting more than once, but didn't want to deal with the fall-out.

Routine not funny? That's the joke!

Too much repetition? Ahh, that's why it's funny!

Attributing quotes to people who didn't say them? He's just making a point!

Criticizing others unfairly? That's the character of Stewart Lee.

Even in this very thread - a guy who has (as far as I can tell) done nothing more than be a not-great comedian has been told "Don't want to be publicly criticized by Stewart Lee? You shouldn't have done a comedy routine that wasn't to his particular taste then!"

I think at some point Lee (and his fans?) have to accept that he's not an outsider comedian scribbling his thoughts into a 6th-form mail order fanzine, but a major comedy player who has huge influence. He needs to take some responsibility over what he says and accept that his words can hurt people.

He isn't an infallible comedy god, he's just a funny, clever guy who tells jokes for a living.

And despite what he's tried to argue over the last 30 years, I don't think that gives you carte blanche to be mean to other people.

If we can criticize the likes of John Cleese for not moving with the times, it's not unreasonable to at least ask Stewart Lee to rethink this particular trait in his character, is it?

Dr Rock

I bravely think Stew is wrong to like interminable free jazz music, there I've said it.


Was he not a fairly prominent member of this site a long while back?


I can't remember if he does the list every year but I'm sure I've seen him do lists like this before, albeit smaller and just 'this is what I've been listening to/watching/reading and I think is good'.

Honestly, I think he put the guys name on the list because he figured the inevitable Partridge-like response would be funny.  Still a shitty thing to do, though.

Indomitable Spirit

I wouldn't even class myself as a Lee fan (watched FoF and TMWRNJ at the time and some of Comedy Vehicle. Never seen him live or watched one of his stand up dvds)

But this fella put something out in the public domain, got a bit of national profile from it, so people are going to comment on it.

It's hardly like Lee wrote some sort of poison pen review that clinically dissected his act - he just put it on a list of things he thought was shit, which is fair because the act is quite shit.


QuoteNot sure how to put this, and I've never heard of this MacLaine guy before, so if he turns out to be the next Harold Shipman then this post certainly won't age well, but...

(Deep breath)

Hardly a view that's never been expressed before, this feels like a post that was made all the time when Comedy Vehicle was on the air. I'm not saying there weren't people who'd often be defending questionable things he does, but some of that might be that they don't actually agree with you rather than just being blinded by fandom. In any case, it doesn't seem to be true anymore, I'm always seeing people bringing up beefs and criticizing him whenever he comes here. It's apparent that his politics are closer to the center than people here, and that's put some people off him (although left of most of his contemporaries.)

Lisa Jesusandmarychain

I've heard of this feller before, and thought his parodies were genuinely amusing, with only a slight hint of Colin Hunt about 'em. I certainly don't think the act is " quite shit", anyways.
Did S. Lee also put his own alter-ego deliberately quite shit columnist for " The Observer" character in his pedal- bin list?