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May 26, 2022, 09:45:29 AM

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What Would The Title Be For Your Own Death Thread On CaB?

Started by Lisa Jesusandmarychain, January 08, 2022, 12:48:18 PM

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I'd like it to be 'Glebe but not forgotten!' but it'll problems be 'Get in Glebe'.

Famous Mortimer

Lisa Jesusandmarychain

Oh Dear,  (in the) (Cata)comb-Uh
( "Catacomb" means underground cemetery, and you have to say it in the style of Mark E. Smith)

This isn't very good, to be honest.


Lisa Jesusandmarychain


I could be touching shroud!

All the mentions of shrouds reminded me of when I was about ten and used to go round to John Duffy's house to play Command & Conquer, and it had a thing called the shroud of war, but we pronounced it shroud for rhyme with could.

28 minus 18 years old, I was.

Dex Sawash

Going to need a new account*

*Because I'm dead and can't think of a thread title


Ferris dead, CaB to be retired in his honour, please pay your respects and logout forever: The Thread


Lisa Jesusandmarychain


Catalogue of ills

Final page in the Catalogue of Ills

The first post would be "Which one was he again?"

the Fallen

"She Treated Altrincham Her Personal California"

No wonder Lucy died there staring up at the kind of mudflaps they (I mean you, "they" always means you, specifically eating French Fries there in your underpants) had spent decades idealizing her upon in lurid colours

What? Don't you lapse into the third / pretend person when you're making your Deliveroos even if the crosstraffic just hit her? And oh god, the body, quick I got some carpet in the boot for reasons the plot'll never delve into & don't mind the stain, it's red wine or paint



the Fallen

NOT A MOMENT TOO SOON: Bizarre Death Twist In Cult Sex-Addict's Lesbian Lick Odyssey

the Fallen


I'm not sure why they'd know what I call my avatar, or even who They are. Maybe if I ever bothered to watch Sunset Boulevard

Tony Tony Tony

Can't top Lisa's suggestion of Bony Bony Bony so gonna go wth "The Man, The Myth, The End".

In return I offer Lisa Jesusandmaryunchained.

Johnny Yesno

Quote from: machotrouts on January 08, 2022, 02:35:59 PMGood news about machotrouts


Which made me realise we could just use checkoutgirl's screen name as the thread title for them.


Quote from: non capisco on January 08, 2022, 01:15:51 PMgone capisco. Too easy.

There's always non kaput-sco / gone kaput-sco too.

Quote from: shoulders on January 08, 2022, 02:49:38 PMCUNT DEAD

olders, colders or moulders, depending on your state of decay.