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Bob Saget dead

Started by Shaky, January 10, 2022, 01:49:35 AM

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I hear he got murdered in a well.


This clip suddenly means a lot more when you realise that Bob knew Norm wasn't well at the time:

The "I love you Norm" at the end is quite moving in retrospect, they clearly had such a genuine friendship.


Damn, I'm welling up here. What a talent and seems like one of the best guys ever.

Cold Meat Platter

Tiger! Uppercut! in the beyond dude. RIP

aw rip. only ever heard the words bob and saget uttered together previously by this man

Rolf Lundgren

Still in shock over this, such terrible news. The sheer amount of people who only have great things to say about him says everything. I've been watching videos of his podcast a lot lately and still can't quite believe he's gone so suddenly. Definitely recommend having a look at those and basking in some of those conversations. A very funny and sincere man.

Thanks for sharing that story Small Man Big Horse, puts him higher up in my estimation than before and what an incredible gesture on his part to be open to the discussion and criticism.

Mr Faineant

A shame, seemed like a nice bloke. He wasn't funny, but he seemed nice.

It seemed to me that his comedy was all based around novelty of the family friendly guy from full house saying "cock". Which is fine, if you can make a living that way...if you find an angle to print money, take it, there aren't many.

I wonder if the sadness left in his heart from Norm dying is what finished him off. That would be cute, wouldn't it, like those old couples.


Quote from: Small Man Big Horse on January 10, 2022, 09:07:35 AMI saw him back live back in 2018 as my Danish ex was a huge fan of his, and I was really impressed by the majority of his act, it might not have been the most innovative of stand up but it was very funny. I'd only just set up my blog at the time but wrote a review of that gig which was largely positive, but mentioned how one song about a man transitioning to a woman had elements that I was uneasy about - only for Bob to get in touch with me via twitter, where we had a few exchanges discussing it, with the end result being that he said he'd never perform it again as he hadn't realised that it might upset someone until now. All of which made me admire him an enormous amount, my review was on a blog which didn't exactly get a huge amount of traffic, but he took the time out to try to understand my thoughts about the show, and all the while he was incredibly polite and friendly.

That's a lovely story.

Imagine Glinner had reacted in the same way in regards to that IT Crowd episode. All our lives would be so much different.