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A Pudding of Death

Started by Alberon, January 10, 2022, 08:30:05 AM

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It's the 21st Century and to celebrate the remnants of the feudal past we have been commanded to design a new pudding for the Cunt of Death.

Coronation Chicken was invented for the queen back in 1953, but that seems to have been the high point of royalty inspired culinary prowess.

So what would you design for the 70th anniversary of the first time Liz popped a crown on her scowling head?


Blue Jam



Captain Z



Pink Gregory

Paed Pudding Hot
Paed Pudding Cold

Quote from: Pink Gregory on January 10, 2022, 09:03:27 AMPaed Pudding Hot
Paed Pudding Cold

Paed pudding in her pot, nine years old.

Pink Gregory


Quoteit is hoped the Platinum Pudding competition will serve as a long-lasting reminder of the 95 year-old monarch's reign.

A pretty weird aide de memoire.

Platinum pudding? Oh yeah! - that bitch!


I suppose it is like how spotted dick reminds us of the whistle-blower who uncovered the UK government's shoot to kill policy in Northern Ireland.

Blue Jam

Norton Canes


Any recipe from this'd do.


Fucking peasants scrabbling round to please the sovereign.  The principal ingredient of Coronation Chicken is minced forelock tugger in my house mate.


Summer pudding made with the blood of starving Indian children.


Sweaty Betty with Andrew cream.

Bad Ambassador



Can anyone even think of a genuine way to do this and not just something in spunk? A "new pudding"? Surely all the good ones have been invented. Does it have to be a new elemental pudding, like cake. Or can it be a type of cake?

Basically they're just asking for us to ejaculate on some fruit and post pictures online.

... business as usual then!!!

Well, this is just lovely news. A grey Monday morning in January and I was feeling a bit flat, but this is just the fillip I needed. Suddenly my mind is racing with all the possible ideas for a pudding that we might all enjoy together when toasting the Queen on a joyous sunlit day in June. Hip hip hooray!

I confidently predict that, by 2024, we'll have severed links with all other countries and this new pudding will be the only food available in the UK - breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day, as it should be.

Butchers Blind


A burnt chapatti, with a smiley face.


Princess Margaret famously said, when being presented with Coronation Chicken at a function, 'This looks like sick.' Hopefully the CoD will have a bit more tact.