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Burke Shelley - Deadfan

Started by Keebleman, January 12, 2022, 05:12:18 AM

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The bassist-vocalist of pioneering Brit HM band Budgie has died.  As far as I know I haven't heard a note of their music.  I'm only aware of them because Metallica covered their song Breadfan and because, like me, they're Welsh, and as a teen it was a small thrill to know there was a Welsh musical act of some renown that wasn't MOR or novelty pop (this was pre-Manics).

But nevertheless I'm surprised and a tad annoyed to see that there is nothing on the BBC's website about his passing!  Not under Entertainment, not under Wales news, not even the SE Wales subsection.  Bloody hell, even fucking Ricky "Tell Laura I Love Her" Valance got a Beeb obituary!


It might be on here :

Unfortunately there's no way to tell :(


Sad news, admittedly I too only know Budgie from Metallica's 'Breadfan' and 'Crash Course in Brain Surgery' covers.


RIP. Always been fond of Tony's snazzy boots and the crunchy guitar drop at 1:45 in this:

Magnum Valentino


Head Gardener

I saw them a few times, most memorably at Northampton Cricket Club around 1980, they were fuckin' loud and brilliant