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Gonnie Spector

Started by Tony Tony Tony, January 13, 2022, 10:15:24 AM

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Tony Tony Tony

probably belongs in Oscillations but what the heck...

Ronnie Spectre?
BBC news



Ronnie Spectre.  Phil was a bit of a fuckhead.  You didn't deserve that.


Apparently the row where they're all buried at the graveyard is referred to as "This Spector'd Aisle".


I've always been quite surprised she kept the name. OK it's her brand but she could have called herself Ronnie Ronette or something instead. Anyway she outlasted the fucker so there's that.


Maybe she kept it because he took everything else. 


I wish I had been on CAB when Lonnie Donegan died, purely for the "Gonnie Goneagone" thread title.



Quote from: monkfromhavana on January 13, 2022, 11:56:13 AMI wish I had been on CAB when Lonnie Donegan died, purely for the "Gonnie Goneagone" thread title.

What a shameful waste that he died before this could happen.  Sometimes, you just have to face up to the pointlessness of it all.  It slaps you right in the face.

Elderly Sumo Prophecy


Da Doo Gone Gone

(yeah i know)


I thought Regina Spektor was related to Phil at first

I love her classic songs, but I'm never sure why people say they're sad or "terrible news" when an elderly artist who's work they've had no contact with or interest in for decades, passes away. I mean...its not like she was playing live locally to me or part of my life or anything.

Elderly Sumo Prophecy

I only discovered this classic 80's rock choon fairly recently (it was featured in an episode of Narcos: Mexico) and Ronnie is in it, singing a bit:

Should have been on the Vice City soundtrack.

Eddie Money is dead as well btw.

Sebastian Cobb

Ha I didn't know Eddie Money had anything of note beyond Two Tickets to Paradise. It's all he really needed.