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New political party launched

Started by Fambo Number Mive, January 13, 2022, 07:06:57 PM

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Fambo Number Mive

Gina Miller launched her "True and Fair" party today. According to one reporter, only 13 people were in the audience but there was merch:

The party only has policies on two issues - "Cleaning up Politics and Public Life" and "Electoral Reform"

Some of the policies are good ideas, but why vote for a party that focuses on such a narrow range of areas? Where are the policies on social care, welfare, health?

The party wants to get rid of the hereditary peers and reform the House of Lords rather than scrap it or replace it with an elected second chamber.

I like these policies - I think think tanks are far too powerful, have too close a relationship with the media and politicans and are unaccountable:

QuoteIntroduce a register of Think Tanks and introduce new transparency rules on their funding
Amend the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act to include a default disclosure period, codifying a "presumption of openness" into law
Annual publication of a list of all consultancy firms used by the Civil Service and the amounts firms have been paid. (2020 - 2021 Government and other bodies handed contracts to consultants worth £2.5bn, up from £1.2bn in 2019-20)

They support the Single Transferrable Vote and want the following:

QuoteThe True & Party backs the call for a Citizen Assembly to debate:

Making voting compulsory
Lowering the voting age to 16 years of age
Digitising the voting system

Why not have opinions and policies on these rather than go for a citizen's assembly. Personally, I'm against compulsory voting, for lowering the voting age to 16 and for digitising the voting system as long as it's done correctly and people can also vote via the current methods.

More here:

As I say I wouldn't vote for this party given the narrow focus it has on just two areas.

Pink Gregory

Fambo Number Mive

I think banning them would be difficult, massively regulating how they can operate would probably be the best way forward.

I would love a world without think tanks though. The worst ones are really revolting and the best ones just seem full of waffle.



Same here. I dislike the other parties.

Sebastian Cobb

digitising voting is a shithead idea most software engineers and computer scientists agree on this.



i think it's funny despite how much kerfuffle Gina Miller caused early on in Brexit with the court case, she is basically an absolute nobody beyond hardline EU flag shaggers. she is very boring, and never really got a grip of Twitter, but she did start off the whole "stop brexit by sending a psychic pulse to the Queen" stuff

Gurke and Hare

I think her EU court cases were valuable in the abstract as a kind of bulwark against the drift of power from Parliament to the prime minister, but yeah, this party's going nowhere. It's a kind of centrist populism, with lots of lovely things that nobody could really object to but absolutely nothing to say about the everyday. And really, if you know enough about the issues to want PR you should realise that starting a new party is about the worst way to go about getting it that there is, you need to be trying to influence Labour to support it, even the FBPA types have worked that out.

I'd be astonished if it stands candiates in any election later then the next general, if it even gets that far.