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Title: Ulrich's Life
Post by: Smeraldina Rima on September 11, 2021, 10:13:49 PM
Ulrich was thinking up one of his ideas and the next thing he knew he had another idea to go with it. What was the first one again, he thought, best to keep them together and build upwards. As he tried to get back to his first idea he lost hold of his second idea. Oh dear, Ulrich. Where have all your ideas gone?

Ulrich was writing a poem in school. His teacher came over and asked how he was getting on. Though he quickly turned back to his maths exercises, the teacher noticed the little poem. It's good, she said. Let me send it to the local newspaper. oooo kkkk, replied Ulrich, tentatively. After a mix up, the poem was published in the Spring/Summer edition of a highbrow literary journal, and subjected to serious criticism in the review section of the Autumn/Winter issue. Oh Ulrich, that criticism seems more than you deserved. You know in your heart you're not really so bad.

Ulrich was telling his friends at the swimming pool how he planned to build up the courage to ask out the prettiest girl in school. You wouldn't dare, they said. I would, he said in all sincerity, what's the worst that can happen? The next day, he arrived at class to noises of cooing from all his classmates. So, said the pretty girl, you have something to ask me? He looked at his friends, feeling a little betrayed. You're right to feel betrayed, Ulrich, but keep things in perspective.
Title: Re: Ulrich's Life
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Ulrich said right, guys, I'm coming out. And we all said like as what though. And it was just shit off tripadvisor.
Title: Re: Ulrich's Life
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