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What’s the matter?  Too challenging for ya?

I'm pleased to see someone's finally been brave enough to have a go at the bloody snowflakes.
General Bullshit / Re: Distinctly British telly
« Last post by Video Game Fan 2000 on Today at 05:38:51 AM »
I, Claudius should be renamed I'm Claudius, Me
Comedy Chat / Re: Ted Lasso Season 2
« Last post by Mr Faineant on Today at 05:38:47 AM »
Bollocks, there are too, I only thought there were 10, it was those 2 extra ones that threw me. Not sure I can keep going that long. Season 3 is already in the works too.

Not really into this show, but I started it so I’ll finish at least this season. But, this week’s episode was manure. Not only was it out of place and unwelcome, but it had “dream episode” vibes and I never like dream episodes. This episode felt like a room of hack writers just finished watching Dave and thought they’d have a crack and being interesting. They failed.
Comedy Chat / Re: carrot top
« Last post by dr_christian_troy on Today at 05:35:31 AM »
All I know about Carrot Top is that he provided one of the DVD commentaries for the film The Rules Of Attraction.[1]
 1. As did Ron Jeremy
Oscillations / Re: What's your favourite Clash song?
« Last post by samadriel on Today at 05:23:32 AM »
Safe European Home.
Picture Box / Re: Doctor Who 2005-2017 : The RTD & Moffat Years
« Last post by Kelvin on Today at 05:09:42 AM »
I hate The Snowmen. It's Clara, and by extension Moffat, at their most smarmy and obnoxious. Probably the only Moffat episode I really dislike. 
General Bullshit / Re: Long, hard & full of Australian seamen
« Last post by Sonny_Jim on Today at 04:48:31 AM »
What is point nuclear submarine without nuclear missiles?
Quite.  I'm not sure either.  They are handy for launching off cruise missiles from just off the enemy toast like they did in the Gulf War, but it seems a really fucking expensive way to do it unless you add on 'oh and we can turn North Korea into glass' as well.

Also it's not a great idea for Australia to stick their necks out in terms of nuclear war.  On one side not that many people live there (IIRC there's more people living in London and Birmingham than the entirety of Australia) but the ones that are here are all bunched together and perfect for a couple of MIRVs raining down.

I've seen 'On The Beach', I know how it's going to go down.  If you'll excuse me I've got a race in my vintage Ferrari to go to.
Idlewild - In Remote Part / Scottish Fiction

I think we've been introduced to Idlewild already in our list so suffice to say this is taken from their fourth album, "The Remote Part". it features the lovely tones of Scottish poet Edwin Morgan.
Oscillations / Re: What's your favorite Dead Kennedys song?
« Last post by Shaky on Today at 04:28:40 AM »
No mention of Halloween yet? Halloween!
Picture Box / Re: Doctor Who 2005-2017 : The RTD & Moffat Years
« Last post by Mister Six on Today at 04:14:58 AM »
I get that, but it's the only time he ever behaves like that. He recognises the Macra immediately, for example.

Different Doctor, different memories knocking around. There's s line somewhere from, I think either Smith or Capaldi, about how memories can get jumbled up from incarnation to incarnation.

Also, a big fuck-off crab is instantly memorable, whereas in The Snowmen he's dealing with a creature that is presenting itself in a different form to the one he was familiar with before.

(Also, god I'm an idiot - I only just made the snowmen/abominable snowman/yeti connection.)
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