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Oscillations / Re: Terrible Artist, Album & Song Names
« Last post by markburgle on Today at 07:19:15 AM »
Band name: Danananananackroyd

Disagree about the Beach Boys, it's just a name that becomes identified with the band, their great records imbue it with something beyond the words in it. It's like The Birthday Party, a band who sound like no birthday party I've ever attended, and that's partly why it's a great name
H.S. Art / Re: Things your dad is doing.
« Last post by Sherringford Hovis on Today at 07:10:45 AM »
Your Mum's your Dad. Your Dad's your Mum.

Correctly labelling Christmas presents to put beneath the tree causes strife every year.
He even went to his wedding in Del Boy's car, despite his wife not really being interested in the show, has a house full of props and scripts, and has met every member of the cast - apart from one

Either she's half-sharp, or he's an absolute beast in the bedroom. Possibly both, but my money's on the former.

Maybe, but my advice has been sincere and straightforward. Do not follow Everton if you are struggling with your mental health. Do not give any weight or meaning to the fortunes of these rejects, mercenaries and literal paedophiles.

Just spent the last two hours working on a Lully thread, fuck am I supposed to do now?

General BS... and see if anyone notices.
It's a shame you can't get anti White Rose stickers refuting their nonsense.

Well like flotemysost I have a lovely marker pen to scribble on them BUT a load in central London I saw a few months back had been augmented with stickers with the word "gobshite" printed on them, with arrows pointing to the nonsense. Quite liked that.

Incidentally, since I've been scribbling on the stickers the amount of new ones in my area has dropped off a cliff. Maybe whoever is putting them up has realised they won, the government is on their side and the stickers aren't needed anymore.
General Bullshit / Re: NASA announces aliens are REALA
« Last post by Chedney Honks on Today at 06:55:42 AM »
I've been around for forty years now, my whole life, and in all that time no evidence of anything, ergo it's all a load of bollocks. Just thinking about it, it never happened while my grandad was alive either so that's another forty before I was born. Statistically, the likelihood of there being aliens = 2L +0A = 0
General Bullshit / Re: It's War Christmas!
« Last post by George Oscar Bluth II on Today at 06:51:15 AM »
Losing my mind that someone #respecting the #fallen also owns...a Nazi uniform. Shocked.

I genuinely do think this stuff signals a deep sickness at the heart of British society. The fact it's compulsory for everyone on TV to wear one[1], the displays[2], the jingoism, the football shirts, the abuse of James McClean...

It's really, really not a coincidence that the madness really started after all the great, dignified, final veterans of World War 1 died.
 1. Except Jon Snow
 2. Presumably everyone who made a woolly thing for the top of a postbox or created a scene in their front garden made a substantial donation to the Royal British Legion?
He is almost as obsessed with Jesse Singal as he is with JK Rowling.

Because Singal gets to do what Glinner claims he does (journalism) and manages to be moderate enough to be accepted as a part of polite society
General Bullshit / Re: NASA announces aliens are REALA
« Last post by NoSleep on Today at 06:10:55 AM »
So the head of NASA just said he thinks aliens/UFOs are real:

Still just one person's opinion. The possibility of life elsewhere in the universe does not explain UFOs.

They definitely seem to be creeping towards full disclosure on this. Not a peep in the MSM but #ufotwitter is ablaze

Won't be the first time they have disseminated misinformation on the subject.

Mirage Men pt1
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