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May 19, 2022, 10:00:50 PM

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That's all I got

Started by clingfilm portent, November 14, 2016, 05:32:35 PM

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All you got?

All I got
2 (14.3%)
Nall I got
0 (0%)
(Timothy) Spall I got  
1 (7.1%)
(All Creatures Great and) Small I got
0 (0%)
(Johnny) Ball I got
2 (14.3%)
(Stones of) Gall I got
1 (7.1%)
(Reginald Perrin's Rise and) Fall I got
1 (7.1%)
Raoul Moat
2 (14.3%)
Fall-ah! I got-AH!
2 (14.3%)
the cool shoeshine
3 (21.4%)

Total Members Voted: 14

the Fallen

Kronor hi I merrily unhook jelly Phil

Foxton ndola ketty obviously no no no

Foxtail keep me Jr Jr if jc jc in

Rn dB

Fool my by guy bi bi bi bi bi bi hi chi chibbi bi hihhi no no no hi no chi chi by chi chi

the Fallen

Troy Hurtibise's Discarded Devices for Erotica

the Fallen

Ted DiBiase's Ragdoll Theft Toyshop Burglary Aims


the ThunderCunt from DownUnderCunt

Fambo Number Mive

Fawlty Towers but Basil is Devon's number 1 gerontophile.

Captain Z




I'm forever thinking of great ones and not getting near an Internet in time

Used to pen desos on a notepad in work, might have to start that again


the Fallen

A machine which takes scenes from your life and makes them into commercials

The Advertalizer

dissolute ocelot

Dan Cruickshank armed with a crook/walking stick that's got a knife at the end, and he travels the country stabbing art thieves and people who diss Picasso.

dissolute ocelot

Peter's No, a TV show in which Peter Snow says no to things a lot. Maybe Jon Snow could fill in on holidays, but you'd have to use vocal processing to make his "no" more impressive.

the Fallen

Ordeal or no Deal

A more existential spin on the existing property

presented by Kim Deal

who wants you to choose her or there shall trouble be



Pink Gregory

Sean Paul, George and Ringo

Captain Z

Wherever I lay Mahat that's maGandhi

the Fallen

Deso thread

You live in a world where the results of an intelligent test decide how powerful your vote is

1. Name every Conservative Prime Minister ever

2. How much is the membership to the Conservative Party?

3. Do you let any property? If No, please return the test

4. You exist don't you?

Catalogue of ills

Punxsutawney Gary: on the same day every year, he pops out of a hole in the ground and says "Fucking look at the bangers on that"


Poo-rachute, little parachutes you somehow attach to your turds so they don't make a big splash and embarass you with the noise.
maybe you eat the parachute beforehand, i haven't worked it out yet


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Quote from: MrsWarboysLover on January 23, 2022, 09:19:45 AMPoo-rachute, little parachutes you somehow attach to your turds so they don't make a big splash and embarass you with the noise.
maybe you eat the parachute beforehand, i haven't worked it out yet

Little fact for you:  parachutists routinely poo while up in the air - it's boring up there and they have plenty of time - and these turds pass through a series of folds within the trouser fabric, are enveloped and when they fall through their final panel, they are already entirely connected to a parachute and released to the town below them.  A swift series of gravity-propelled activations that mean only the parachutist's arse is left caked in fecal matter, rather than the entirety of his body (not being sexist, as women wait until they get home).

The technology is indeed called poorachute, and the released parcels are called parashits.


Battlestar Galactica but in space.


chesney gawkes

armin viewes

both travel shows

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New phrase:

"Nose skin off my nose"

To mean exact opposite of "no skin off my nose"



The Chav Who Loved Prog


Swole Edmonds

Noel Edmonds gets jacked, maybe so he can go and fight LLoyd's bank executives or just punch any floating orbs that come near him