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Live action shows with animated sequences

Started by George White, April 13, 2021, 12:34:56 PM

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Kenny Everett used to have his Captain Kremmen cartoons on his ITV show.

Mister Six

Quote from: timebug on April 17, 2021, 09:15:27 AM
Final episode of series 7 'The Blacklist'. Seems they had filmed about two thirds of the episode,then Covid came along,so they shoved in some animated sequences to complete the episode!

How bizarre! I wonder if they'll go back to film the missing scenes for DVD/syndication?


Does Saban's ill-fated attempt to americanise Sailor Moon count?

Yeah, they were considering this. I don't care for Sailor Moon, but shitting christ, this looks horrible.

George White

End of Part One's Cheapo Cartoon Man

Steamboat Fatty - although you could say that all of Alexei Sayle's Stuff was animated.


The opening titles of Blake's 7 (apologies if these have been mentioned, and I've overlooked them).


I've just started a binge watch of The Colbert Report and Tek Jansen has just made his first appearance.

Red Dwarf at it's shittest did a shitty claymation sequence.

Blue Jam

Snooker on Eurosport. Nice bit o'Benpics!

George White

Edward and Mrs. Simpson
The pixiliated sequences in the ATV Father Brown titles
Storyboard (series that introduced the Bill, Mr. Palfrey of Westminster)

(with the ident)
windmills of the Gods

Last Place on Earth

(with animated ident)
Blue Money
We'll Meet Again

(w ident)
The Bill
The Sweeney

Robin of Sherwood

George White

Unnatural CAuses 1986
The Haverhall logo in the Good Guys
Anything preceded by the ITC logo r Marbl Arch -


In the final episode of 'Eureka' series 4, they all start out as real people and gradually turn into animations.

Mr Farenheit

The second set of episodes of The Getdown had lots of scenes done as (terrible, cheap looking) animated sequences. Really highlighted the overall drop in quality in the second part. In fact you could say that The Getdown became The Letdown amiright???




There's a little animated section in Annie Hall.


The semi-animated opening credits to ITV's Whoops Apocalypse (1982) used to really unnerve me.


Quote from: Blue Jam on April 14, 2021, 11:06:44 AM
On The Record!
god that is so incredibly great for a show that it was so completely boring to a child.

this comment made me laugh too

"I sometimes play this music and crawl around and join in with the roars. Gets me going for the day"

George White

George White

After  Henry
Barchester  Chronicles


Catalogue Trousers

Two's Company. Elaine Stritch as an American eagle (looks more like an ostrich to me) and Donald Sinden as a very British lion opening sequence.

Never The Twain. Sinden again, plus Windsor Davies, as animated antiques opening sequence.

Dex Sawash

It's a film but Don Knotts turns into a cartoon fish


There's an entire stop-motion episode of Community, but it's a Christmas episode unfortunately.