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July 02, 2022, 06:08:27 PM

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Live action shows with animated sequences

Started by George White, April 13, 2021, 12:34:56 PM

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George White

The stop motion intro to Dunera Boys
The animated samurai on the DVD of Waterfront (1984)
The ATV logo at the start of I Remember Nelson
The TVS logo at the start of Mandela 1987

George White

George White

Hostages from HBO/Granada - Day Today-esque CGI page-turning scene transitions -
The Woman I Loved 1988 -
Mr Halpern and Mr Johnson - HBO style -

George White

THe googly eyed Hitler titles in Selling Hitler - also has a back projected plane flight.
 HBO/Granada's WOmen and Men - the animated train at the beginning - also lots of back projection on a train.     

George White

Theatre 625,
Born to Run
Walk a Crooked Mile

Rides 1993
Mr. Wakefield's Crusade
Looking for Jojo
COld COmfort Farm - a particularly lovely sequence
Rotoscoped ALan Bennett for Talking Heads
The Lakes

Quantel titles
Middlemarch - morphing
Our Friends in the North
The Ambassador 1998
Growing Pains
Hamish Macbeth
Pride and Prejudice
JUdge John Deed
Between the Lines
Lives and Loves of a She-Devil

The Riff-Raff ELement - digital morphing
Models used in the Choir (1995) and Love hurts 1992

The Broker's Man, Berkeley Square, Riff-Raff ELement, Madson, Spender, Preston Front, Pie in the Sky, Crown Prosecutor, Cardiac Arrest, Dangerfield, Nancy Astor, Number on End, Spy, Maria Marten, Mackenzie, We the Accused, PLayhouse - Rottingdean, Leap in the Dark, King of the GHetto , SPy!,  Squadron 1982, Smileys' People (with an animated line), Skorpion (which I incidentally met one of the stars of which, yesterday), The Citadel, A Family Man, Strangers and Brothers, Big Deal, Scarlet and Black, Campaign 1988, Dead head, Life Without George, Sunday Premiere, the animated letters of Comrade Dad, The Detective 1985, the telephone-themed Dial M For Murder 1974, Spy Trap, the Befrienders, the Man who was Hunting Himself,Vienna 1900 (model shots),Esther Waters, I Claudius, Marie Curie,My Son, My Son, 30 Minute theatre, Dancers 1995 shot live action in an animation style/mixed non-live elements.


Head Gardener

Jibaro the stunning last episode of Love, Death & Robots S03 is a masterclass in live & animation

George White

The 1976 BBC/NBC Hunchback of Notre Dame has some pans across drawings in lieu of exteriors of Notre Dame.


Quote from: Head Gardener on May 26, 2022, 12:23:14 PM

Jibaro the stunning last episode of Love, Death & Robots S03 is a masterclass in live & animation
According to the director of that episode it's 100% animation.