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Only Fools and Horses

Started by Leej88, June 08, 2021, 05:27:09 PM

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The whole show is just that for two hours

Utter Shit

I am the biggest Fools and Horses nerd going but it is astonishing that they are STILL knocking out new merchandise. A new book out this week marking the 40th anniversary of the show...but what is left to say? There's only so many ways you can say "if we'd laughed during the chandelier scene the show would have been cancelled" and "The genius of the show can be summed up in four words: John Sullivan, John Sullivan".

That said, I will obviously be buying it.

Fambo Number Mive

The ultimate in thrilling OFAH clickbait articles

"Only Fools and Horses: Here's what the actor who played yuppie Steven in The Jolly Boys' Outing looks like now"


Albert – "It were in 2001. We'd flown into New York to knock down some buildings. She were the most beautiful terrorist I ever seen! She had one finger too many on one hand, one too few on the other. I asked her to marry me. She said no! After all this time, I still fink of her when I hear the phrase '9/11'."

Rodney – "What, 'cos that's how many fingers she had?"

Utter Shit

Remember the episode where Rodney forced Grandad to get a sleeve tattoo depicting all the times he'd shit himself in public.


Remember when Rodney did a cum and Cassandra made no face.


Puppet Del Boy falls through the bar and puppet Trigger pulls a face.


Puppet Del Boy recounts the war crimes he committed in Indochina, before Puppet Uncle Albert stops him and asks "Jurindawoah?" to which Del Boy stares directly down the camera lens and menacingly answers: "No."


Rodney pushes his arm all the way up Puppet Uncle Albert's ar-- wait, no, that's the real Uncle Albert. And he's gone right up. Can't even see his elbow.

No wonder the poor bastard fell down the stairs.


Those puppets are impressive but mildly unsettling. Del looks like Tony Booth.

Itza Puppet, obviously a nod to Brian Conley... and lo! They actually have a Brian "pah-peh!":

Fambo Number Mive


Peter Bowles has let himself go.


Remember that episode.  It was the comeback xmas special in 2000 watched by one billion people in the uk alone.  It involved a hilarious gravy boat mix up where uncle Albert got the jar with the gravy in mixed up with the jar containing Cassandra's unsuccessful uterus and had it poured all over the dinner of Damians real dad.  The devil himself.
The episode ended with Uncle Albert being beaten slowly too death by the unborn children Cass failed to carry to full term.


Stick der Juden in no maybe not

Horrendous broken glass comment also possible.