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August 12, 2022, 06:25:26 AM

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Only Fools and Horses

Started by Leej88, June 08, 2021, 05:27:09 PM

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It was fitting he would go out flying a plane into a building, as it was just like the episode The Sky's the Limit.

I did appreciate the BBC interrupted Diana Spencer's funeral service to tell us that Del Boy falling through the bar was the number one comedy moment of all time.


Buster Merryfield was older when he died than Leonard Pearce was when he started playing granddad. Makes you think really.


Leonard Pearce was older when he died than Leonard Pearce was when he started playing granddad.


These days Buster Merryfield is more commonly used as a term for taking a woman's virginity.


Quote from: Video Game Fan 2000 on September 05, 2021, 02:53:12 PM
With the anniversary of 9/11 upon us, my most chilling memory of that terrible day was when the BBC interrupted their live coverage of the World Trade Center attack to tell us that Buster Merryfield was dead
Thought you were joking but I checked and he really did die on 9/11. Amazing!


"Mr. President, Buster Merryfield has got in grave."

Quote from: kalowski on September 05, 2021, 03:45:56 PM
Thought you were joking but I checked and he really did die on 9/11. Amazing!

Yeah, he fell out of a guard tower someone had inexplicably built on the WTC observation deck.

It was really poor taste for Paul McCartney to profit from Charlie Daniels jingoistic cover of "We're So Sorry Uncle Albert" being at number one for six weeks in winter 2001. Not a great fan of the song normally but the extra verses about MOABs and white phospherous didn't make it any better.


Catalogue Trousers

David Jason, who starred as the lovable rogue DEL BOY in the greatest sitcom of all time, Only Fools And Horses, was arrested yesterday in Hyde Park after being caught bumming a live pig for charity.

The 45-year-old actor was seen trying to negotiate the boar, which had been painted bright orange, for two hours before two policewomen finally wrestled him to the ground.

He was then carted off to Southwark nick for questioning as his friends, who are supporting him throughout, looked on, bemused.
After the pig was finally wrangled into the back of a police van, Jason told reporters: 'It's a bit embarrassing really. I was just trying to be a bit more of a fool than usual and make a little money for the charity.'


Quote from: Tony Yeboah on September 06, 2021, 10:45:53 PM
John Challis is ill

QuoteIt comes a day after Challis was granted honorary citizenship in Serbia for his portrayal of Boycie in the much-loved British comedy series


Gwyneth Strong was just granted citizenship in Montenegro, funnily enough


Cold Meat Platter

I absolutely detest this. It's fucking shit.

OFAH is 40 today!



I was still on a bender celebrating OFAH's 20th birthday the day them slags smashed into the Twin Towers.


That's no way to talk about Leonard Pearce and Buster Merryfield


Did we ever find out why they were allowed to fly the planes?


Here's the one that's driving me berserk:
How does jet fuel melting steel beams work?


[in the cockpit] "Brace yourself, Trigg."


Rodney on the payphone to Cassandra looking up at the twin towers: "Our plane has just blown up"


OFAHma Bin-Laden: "Rodney you plonker, when I said Twin Towers I meant Wemberlee Stadium"

Think of all the insurance money Albert "The Ferret" Trotter got from falling down every staircase in the WTC at once like a Marble Madness speed run, no wonder the Saudis wanted a cut.