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Football Thread 2021/22: pre-seasons in the abyss

Started by sevendaughters, June 08, 2021, 10:22:01 PM

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It's weird the way some fans enjoy football. Went to the Cov- Cardiff game last night using my cousin's season ticket (her and her husband on on holiday), "best seats in the house" according to my cousin's sallow, rat-faced husband. Sat in the main stand with a massive tarpaulin stretching over the seats in front of me and no-one else on the row. Good view though. Anyway, there was a mixed bag of people around me, all totally mute, which is fine if that's what you want to do, you buy your ticket, you do what you want.

The only guy who made any noise was a Joe 90 lookalike immediately across the aisle from me. This guy must have been late 50s and didn't even emit a squeak when our goal went in. Fair enough. Then a bit later, Cardiff's assistant manager's toes were on the white touchline paint and suddenly this high-pitched, policeman-in-Withnail screech was let forth by this bloke "GET OFF THE PIIIIIIITCH" swiftly followed by an aside to his wife of "he shouldn't be on the pitch". This happened 8 or 9 times throughout the game and were the only words I saw him speak.

Anyway, in the rest of the ground was probably the best atmosphere I have ever seen at a Coventry game. Holy fuck was it loud.


Just caught up on Everton v Burnley. That Townsend goal, though. Wow. And to think our fans were moaning because we didn't spend a gazillion quid on Barcelona rejects.

Quote from: The Lurker on September 15, 2021, 11:38:19 AM
Yeah, I've watched the first two. Bit dull so far, I thought. Very Man United-centred. I mean, David Beckham is being interviewed about seasons that happened before he even turned professional.

Not exactly exclusive stuff either as Eric Cantona has definitely said in several interviews that he wished he kicked the Palace fan even harder. Had no idea the fella he kicked attacked a load of people in the court case so that was quite interesting.

Probably still watch the next two episodes, like

Quite. 1992/3 and not a minute of Norwich or Aston Villa.

I liked - genuinely liked - watching Kenny Daigleish watching the 1994/95 footage. That was lovely.

Quote from: finnquark on September 13, 2021, 05:17:09 PM
Yeah we had him for 3 games I think, incredibly bad. I think we used 6 keepers that season. I genuinely think a documentary could and probably should be made about it. The number of players who never played football again after being at Moss Lane during that season is absurd.

Late-nineties for my lot. The era of the anonymous keeper.

1994-95 - Shaka Hislop. Ever present. Clearly going on to better things. Leaves with our blessing.
1995-96 - 6 of the buggers: Simon Sheppard (adventurous:, Steve Sutton ("... his moustache and lazy right eye ... ") , Nicky Hammond (translucent), Chris Woods (let in 6 vs Palace), Eric Nixon (1 game, a League Cup QF) and Borislav 'Bobby' Mihailov (bewigged).
1996-97 - 6. again: Steve Mautone (nope), Sal Bibbo (me neither, but he was a decent coach, so... ), Nicky Hammond (as above), Bobby Mihailov (released at end of season), Tommy Wright (solid). And also Jimmy Quinn vs Bolton in February (legendary,
1997-98 - 5 (6 at at push): Steve, Sal, Nicky - neither of whom really pinned down the spot, Nick Colgan and then, as part of the Magnificent Seven, Scott Howie. The 'at a push' is Jamie Ashdown being on the subs bench. He was young but actually quite good.

The next season appeared to be going the same way, with Peter van der Kwaak coming in for 3 games (7 goals conceded - and his biggest error appears to be lost to the internet) but the Howie managed to play more than 25 games a season.

But those late nineties seasons, eesh, where it sometimes felt like our best keeper was the joint-player-manager-striker.




Ah yes, Chris Woods and his magical flappy hands.

the hum

Quote from: jobotic on September 16, 2021, 09:45:21 AM
Nice one Club Bruges

Celtic reject Jack Hendry putting in an accomplished performance at the back 'n all (to back up his Scotland one against Austria). Seems to have fair turned his career around.


not the first time he's begged fans to turn up is it?



PSG, Leipzig and Brugge.

Are they genuinely unknown to city fans?

The Culture Bunker

That's not a new advert - note Aguero on it, for one thing - I think they put it out a couple of years ago.


It was from when they got Shakhtar Donetsk, Dinamo Zagreb and Atalanta.

Inspector Norse

Quote from: JamesTC on September 17, 2021, 09:51:37 AM
It was from when they got Shakhtar Donetsk, Dinamo Zagreb and Atalanta.

Shakhtar, Dinamo and Atalanta are "relatively unknown"? Game's gone, Clive.


Maybe Manchester City are one of the three relatively unknown teams.


One of the most enthusiastic City fans I know is a woman.
Quote from: DrGreggles on September 16, 2021, 09:31:52 PM
"I would like more people to come to the next game on Saturday" said Pep THE CUNT.
Tell your evil overlords to reduce ticket prices then, Pepsi. Why was he screeching at Mahrez?



I can say for a fact, based on my one visit there, that the away end of Boundary Park is the coldest place on Earth.


Quote from: mjwilson on September 16, 2021, 09:05:31 PM
This seems a bit thin-skinned...

Got 2 free tickets from work for this. Took my City supporting dad and it was a great game to enjoy as a neutral. Both of us were surprised at the low attendance - I always assumed it was a jibe opposing fans threw at City but it was noticeably sparse in some areas. Still a good atmosphere, but a shame that it wasn't full to see such excellent and exciting quality football. Some City supporting students today were arguing that they genuinely don't have the fantasy to fill the Etihad, which I found surprising.


Was the stadium packed before they were bought by Sheikh Mansour?


Quote from: bgmnts on September 17, 2021, 04:38:52 PM
Was the stadium packed before they were bought by Sheikh Mansour?

A quick look shows they tended to be quite full at Maine Road, even in the Championship.


Well my dad's memories of mid to late 70s Maine Rd were that it was full most of the time, but that could be just a misty-eyed nostalgia.

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Quote from: finnquark on September 17, 2021, 04:50:21 PM
Well my dad's memories of mid to late 70s Maine Rd were that it was full most of the time, but that could be just a misty-eyed nostalgia.

Possibly irrelevant but there was a lot of new stand building there in the early 1970s, so capacity would have been reduced for a while.

I saw this photo in a Colin Bell obituary a few months ago and thought it might have been a lower league ground at first.


Derby getting the administrators in. Kind of steaming about this given how the saga of them and Wednesday being terrific cheating twats affected us, but not before time. Rooney to find some other money mark.