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Gigs in the time of COVID

Started by Kankurette, July 05, 2021, 10:02:34 PM

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Sprog went to her first ever gig last weekend, and now I'm feeling like crap.  If she's infected me I will not be amused.


To clarify what I said last night: the Manics themselves were fine, a few minor setlist quibbles aside. Getting in was not and it put a downer on the night. First the queue was massive, even when the support were on, because they were checking vaccine proof and pulling people who didn't have it out of the queue. I don't have a card, but I do have a letter explaining that I'm in a clinical trial for a COVID vaccine and have been double jabbed. When we got to the guy who was checking to see if we'd been jabbed, I showed him my letter and he got cunty at me and insisted on reading it, and I had to explain about the whole clinical trial thing. I'm not good at dealing with security staff shouting at me and ordering me to do stuff and I thought at first he wanted to see my ticket. Getting in was pretty stressful and I almost had a full-on meltdown. The Lightning Seeds was just as bad, though at least I didn't have to show the letter there. They didn't do it at Space because the Adelphi in Hull is tiny, it just seems to be the bigger venues but I just cannot be fucked having to go through all that again.


Quote from: Kankurette on October 03, 2021, 08:52:56 PM
I just cannot be fucked having to go through all that again.

Yeah my fiancee went to see Dirty Dancing yesterday (by herself) and the queue was around the block, they started late to get everyone in. Queuing for hours, in the rain, must've been shit. Smaller gigs might be a lot more tolerable than larger ones for the time-being.


The fact it was pissing it down certainly didn't help.


If the venue accepts lateral flow tests I'd say just do one of them before. I'd lose my mind a bit having to explain any out of the ordinary vaccine certification thing, it's the kind of situation my anxiety would just be misread as acting shady as fuck.


Dirty Dancing said they accepted lateral flow tests on the ticket, and my fiancée is only single jabbed so we asked at the box office, and they literally just accepted a temperature scan of the forehead. For the final showing of Dirty Dancing at The Palace Theatre in Manchester - where they put on The Book of Mormon and all the big theatre shows, sat down in a room with thousands of others for hours. A standing gig at a much smaller venue and they were much stricter.


I've been to a few plays at smaller theatres this year and I have to say there wasn't much in the way of safeguarding, either when booking (well, there might have been some small print on the website about "if you're having symptoms, don't come") or on arrival. Wore a mask throughout the performances but most of the audience didn't, bloke behind me audibly guzzling a bag of crisps at one of them, like that was the only window in his whole fucking day where he could possibly fit that in.

And one of them was in a typically poky upstairs-room-of-a-pub venue which I'm also meant to be performing at next month, I'm looking forward to it but stockpiling the lateral flows for then.


I've been to two things. The first was a poorly attended film screening event. Everyone went in with a drink, unmasked and stayed like this the whole time. One woman who didn't have a drink kept her mask on the whole time. After I'd finished my drink, I put the mask back on in solidarity with her. It felt mostly safe though as there were few people there and the venue seemed to be taking the situation seriously. Despite its modest size, the space was airy and well-ventilated.

On Saturday, I went to a small seated gig, where the majority of the audience wore masks, briefly unfastening one ear whenever they wanted to sip their drinks. It felt good to be around considerate people who were making an effort. Unfortunately, despite everyone else being so good, there were a handful of raging cunts who had their masks off the entire time, in a sort of 'Well, I am following the rules' fashion, despite the performer being about 70 and having directly asked everyone going to his gigs to mask throughout. Was especially annoyed to see a guy on the front row who had brought his disinterested girlfriend along. She sat stony faced and texted throughout, with a mask dangling from her elbow. At various points, she let out big open, industrial strength COVID-blast yawns. In this man's pursuit of company, he had tripled everyone else's risk. I guess acts are grateful for ticket sales, but think that if you're visibly disinterested at indoor events at this moment in time, you should probably just fuck off out of them, or at least mask up while you sulk. Still, I felt safe at the gig and it would be great if they all had the same level of compliance. Sadly, I'm sure this was a rarity and that the pint men will almost always triumph.


Quote from: Cerys on October 03, 2021, 11:05:33 AM
Sprog went to her first ever gig last weekend, and now I'm feeling like crap.  If she's infected me I will not be amused.

Well, somebody infected me with something, but it was not Covid-19.  I am therefore not not amused.


Saw Erasure at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh last night. Needed evidence of double vaccination to get in and the website claimed masks needed to be worn and social distancing observed.

Once we were in the main area everybody was maskless of course and in a happy singing mob.

This morning was hungover and regretful and I'm going to feel fucking stupid for the next 10 days or so I reckon.  Then maybe dead.