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Vegan stuff you recently tried

Started by gib, August 27, 2021, 09:57:24 PM

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Pink Gregory

The No Chicken Royale is also very good, if you could consider a burger king chicken sandwich very good in the first placem


Quote from: bgmnts on September 09, 2021, 03:43:17 PM

Nice. I did have cheese on it though, which I do feel slightly guilty about, not that I'm a total vegan but I try to avoid animal products as much as possible.But I'd asked for it with no relish, as I can't bear stuff like that, or indeed mayonnaise, and the burger would be a bit dry without something on it. Maybe I could have suggested they got some vegan cheese. I probably will on my next visit.

Swedish fish mini, I'm making sure I mention that they were the mini ones because I haven't had the big ones and sometimes they're very different with the consistency and stuff aren't they? Like you'll get some big fuck off cola bottles and they're all sticky and more chewy or whatever.

These won't trouble your fillings and they're really nice.

They're not cheap and they're rare in these parts of the world, I think, but if you see some on your travels, they're worth a go!
My nephew spied them at the metro centre and I got him some and he was handing them out in the car and we were all like "fuuuuuuuuuuuck!"


After years of turning her nose up at my Spag Bol, TeenMoth has now decided she likes it - if it's made with Quorn mince. I'm having a paternity test done.


Aldi falafel and houmous wraps - pretty darn good.  A fine solid alternative to Huel.


Have you tried their pasties from the freezer section? As long as you like white pepper they are very good.

Jock Macabre

I'm not vegan to be honest, but I did try shoehorning my dietary preferences into any conversation I happened to get into for a while.


Asda's  Plant Based Hoisin Duckless Wrap - yeah the fake duck is pretty good, I'm impressed.  I probably wouldn't have known if someone tried to pass it off as real duck.