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What "best OFAH moments" have the Radio Times missed in their new poll?

Started by Fambo Number Mive, August 31, 2021, 03:21:37 PM

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ah mange tout le sell fuckin grandad to le PETER NORTH BOUND AND DONE FOR COCK FUCKERS ENTERPRISE


rodney turns into a police car but the seats have got his cock sticking up out


del boy buys a melting theatre like a twat off chon dollis



del I get butties and dinner but pizza, fuck us del what is going on


haunted mannqeuin climbs up the building into the air duct and stays there, never gets brought up again


heres loads of dosh derek you old regrettable bellend one catch though, it flies up your arse


del boy buys a guitar with a chord that makes everyone cum aggressively


1. Del Boy falls through the bar and makes me chuckle

There's no doubt that a scene at the exact moment Del Boy goes through the roof of the garage is the funniest thing in Only Fools and Pete and I agree. There's not much more you can say about it.

2. When Del Boy has a heart attack

The death of another human is always terrible, but the death of someone with my favourite fictional character is just plain awful.

"Del's dead!" is the moment we can all be thankful for the existence of the Only Fools.

3. When Del Boy buys a cake in disguise

A lot of shows do a great job of giving us something good and fun about the main characters. But Only Fools has two.

Every week Del Boy buys a cake in the episode for his wife. We just know he's going to eat it. It's what he does. Whether it's the only thing we know about him isn't important.

"Can I have the last one?" is the absolute best thing to happen to us all week.

4. When Del Boy makes that famous mistake

I can't speak for everyone else, but I think Del Boy's famous mistake has given me more joy than anything else in the show.

It's a line that everyone is happy to quote, and if you haven't seen it then you should be ashamed of yourself.

5. When Del Boy gets a new job

Every time he gets a new job, it gives me a warm, slightly fuzzy feeling. It's the moment I can really imagine how brilliant Del Boy's TV series would be.

Del Boy getting the job that he wants, something I'm not qualified for, is exactly the kind of thing you would expect of Del Boy.

"If I can just find something that's not a job that you could get that's better than this."

6. When Del Boy buys the car

No series of The Most Wasted Talent deserves to have a best moment and for me that honour goes to the day Del Boy buys his car.

He hasn't got any money. He hasn't got a single penny. But he buys a new car for himself. I love it.

And if you haven't already done so, you should really watch it. Now.

7. When Del Boy gets that award

Awarding Del Boy a trophy for being the best of the best just has a certain charm. I do love that moment.

Del Boy's so proud to have won a competition against people like Gary and Rodney, but it's not about that. It's about that moment of delight.

And, no matter what any of us thinks of him, no matter what happens to him, if you hadn't noticed, he's still smiling.

8. When Del Boy tries to kill Fatboy

If there is any single moment in the show, it has to be this. Del Boy tries to kill Fatboy in the episode that makes up for the fact that that scene wasn't included in the original series.

It's the ultimate twist. Everyone was expecting something quite different from this show. And then Del Boy puts a gun in Fatboy's mouth and pulls the trigger.

And we all get the point, don't we? All the little jokes – the look on Fatboy's face and the way he laughs are still just as funny.

The only problem is, Del Boy can't see that, because he's not looking at his own hand. And all Del Boy sees is Fatboy laughing. And he thinks he's been funny.

Not only that, but he genuinely thinks he's done it. So, he shoots Fatboy again.

And again.

And again.

Because Del Boy has genuinely believed that he's got away with it.

9. When they first see Derek's first baby

When we first see Derek and Audrey's first baby together in "Hollyoaks: In at the Deep End," I think it's a bit like the first time we see a baby.

I think the audience at home will all be thinking, "Oh, they're the only people who've got a baby," and it's going to be a real treat for us.

We're going to see these two little kids being really cute.

Then we see Derek hold it, and he says, "Who's this?" And everyone is very excited because it's Derek and Audrey's first baby.

But then Derek takes off his t-shirt and we see Derek is holding a baby that's a boy and we say, "Oh."

Because, actually, that's not a baby at all.

That's Derek.

And he's got two heads.

Because that's Derek's second baby.

We'll see that all played out.

10. The one where he tries to steal money from a church

This one has been teased for a long time.

It's in the second series when Derek gets to the point of saying he might do the same things as everyone else.

I'm going to keep that to myself!

But it's one of those ones where people are like, "Oh, he really is going to do that," and it's all fine and dandy, and then it's all gone completely wrong and Derek ends up getting chased by a few people.

But he goes to St T's and tries to steal money from a church.

Fambo Number Mive

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I loved it when Del Boy guest starred in Hollyoaks and fell through the juice bar. And Tony made a face.

Also loved it when Albert got a second arsehole surgically attached to his first one "one for each nephew", and when the Driscoll brothers made Boycie be a urinal for the day over a £4000 debt. Also good was when Albert sang the Sausage Song and when Marlene got everyone to go and see Police Academy 7 as a joke.

Fambo Number Mive

QuoteFavourite Del Boy quotes

"The only people who can call me a coward are people with no courage and no brains."
- Rodney Trotter Del Boy

"When a boy is born, if it is a girl, that's alright - its all part of nature's plan. But if it's a boy, the dad has to do a bit more. Give him a bath, get him dressed, throw him on a pony, give him a football and a bottle of beer and a pair of overalls and let him see where it all ends up. If the kid turns out alright, well, that's the good news. If he turns out like me, then I can rest in peace!"
- Rodney Trotter Del Boy

"When I went out with your mother, I went out with two people. One of them was me and the other one wasn't me."
- Rodney Trotter Del Boy

"I believe in what I believe in, but

QuoteFavourite Del Boy quotes

Del Boy: Don't be a knob.

Del Boy: Don't you think that a man of my age should stop wearing a dressing gown? I feel that it's like wearing no clothes.

Del Boy: I said it was a good one. [Points to a new carpet]

Del Boy: I'll have it with double Irish at the weekend.

Del Boy: Ah, it's only the end of February.

Del Boy: I've heard of an infatuation

Fambo Number Mive

Using an earlier list from Gold

Quote1. When Del Boy falls through the bar.

2. Del Boy and Rodney come to the rescue dressed at Batman and Robin.

3. When Rodney and Del Boy break the chandelier.

4. When Rodney finally asks Trigger why he calls him Dave.

5. Del Boy accidentally ordering a batch of naughty blow-up dolls.

6. When Granddad made Christmas dinner with the giblets inside.

7. When Del and Rodney celebrate becoming millionaires in the Robin Reliant.

8. Rodney and Del Boy's trip to Margate ends in the coach turning into a fireball.

9. When Raquel sings with the man who can't pronounce his R's.

10. When Rodney tries to impress Cassandra by making out he lives in huge house.

11. When Del Boy goes to the supermarket and accidentally gets a bag of fizzy lemonade.

12. When Cassidy shows off his power by saving someone's life.

13. When Del Boy tries to pick a fight with Trigger while searching for Christmas presents.

14. When the boys get a little spooked on Christmas Eve.

15. When the guys try to bring out their Batman-themed cave.

16. When the boys see the Bat Van.

17. When Rodney and Del Boy pick their noses.

18. When Rodney wants to meet a bat-loving celebrity.

19. When the boys get an early Christmas present.

Fambo Number Mive

Deleted scenes from Series 2:

Rodney gets his knob stuck in an ironing board
Grandad dresses up as King George V for a bet
Del's found outside a stables in Norfolk
Del describes his dream to Rodney and Grandad
Rodney gets stuck in the toilet but gets free with some wiggling
Del does a massive poo and takes it round Peckham to show people
Boycie is caught by Marlene playing with his sausage
The Nag's Head hosts a quiz night and all the answers are "Del Boy".

Paul Calf

Quote from: Fambo Number Mive on September 06, 2021, 04:11:06 PM
Deleted scenes from Series 2:

Rodney gets his knob stuck in an ironing board
Grandad dresses up as King George V for a bet
Del's found outside a stables in Norfolk
Del describes his dream to Rodney and Grandad
Rodney gets stuck in the toilet but gets free with some wiggling
Del does a massive poo and takes it round Peckham to show people
Boycie is caught by Marlene playing with his sausage
The Nag's Head hosts a quiz night and all the answers are "Del Boy".

Del Boy falls through a bra


The most controversial scenes from Only Fools and Horses.
We can't believe they were broadcast!
. The scene where Del uses a horse as a dustbin.
2. The scene where Trigger gets bashed with a baseball bat.
3. The scene where Trigger gets caught in a fishnet.
4. The scene where Uncle Albert's legs are removed.
5. The scene where Eric catches Tracy caught in a fishnet.
6. The scene where Rodney's car is stolen.
7. The scene where Trigger is pushed into the sea and pulled out.
8. The scene where a child is seen playing a piano.
9. The scene where the entire episode is repeated.
10. The scene where Del is hit with a fire extinguisher.
11. The scene where the 'Plebs' get stuck in a lift.
12. The scene where Trigger is crushed by a truck.
13. The scene where the 'Plebs' ride in a car.
14. The scene where Rodney is electrocuted

Fambo Number Mive

QuoteFunniest Only Fools and Horses moments

1. Terry's last appearance: Terry's last appearance is when he's arrested.  He and his pal, Mr Blobby, try to escape but they don't make it.

2. Terry's first appearance: In his first appearance he tries to make friends with Mr. Blobby and he's sent to the back of the class.

3. Terry's appearance in Series 2: Terry's first appearance in Series 2 is when he is on a visit to his mother's home for the day.  He tries to help out Mrs. Pie, his grandmother, by helping her make a pie and then tries to help Mr. Chippington by cleaning his boots.

4. Mrs. Smithy: In the episode 'Mrs. Smithy' when Mrs. Smithy wants to punish someone for being rude to her she has the horse go out in the garden and hit the player, it's one of the funniest moments.

5. Mr. Chipping

QuoteFunniest Only Fools and Horses moments

1. Del Boy and Rodney faint at the auction in "A Grand Day Out"

2. Uncle Albert hallucinates a large fish when given the job of cooking the "turtle stew" in "Grandad Says A Lot"
3.  Del Boy collapses and pretends to be dead while playing the organ in "The Jolly Boys' Outing"
4. Del Boy and Rodney go on a binge while pretending to be millionaires in "The Jolly Boys' Outing"
5. Rodney is mistaken for a mannequin and placed on a store mannequin shelf in "The Jolly Boys' Outing"
6. Rodney's cousin, Derek, takes the blame for Rodney's mistake in "It's A Grand Old Flag"

The Dog

My favourite is the one where Nelson Mandela house floats off into space because Del boy sold the anchors to Tony Driscoll.

Fambo Number Mive

When Del Boy bought a load of knock off fleshlights and demonstrated in Peckham market how to give them a good shagging, leading to him having to bribe another judge. And a jury as well this time.

Uncle Albert cooks a historic breakfast while telling Del and Rodney all about the Napoleonic Wars.

An entire episode taken up with Rodney cutting his toenails to the sounds of different Bob Dylan tapes.

Another episode with guest stars cutting Rodney's toenails to the sounds of different ELO tapes. Obviously there was a gap of several months between the two episodes.

An episode where Rodney cut the toenails of various guest stars, while Del Boy watched from a wardrobe with holes cut in the doors.

An episode where Del Boy responded to viewers' fan mail.

Paul Calf

One episode when Rodney and Del were sent to interview the Pope.

A whole episode in which only Rodney and Del's voices are heard, the rest is a soundtrack of a Bob Dylan concert.

An episode where Del Boy is trying to find out who he is, how old he is and where he lives. After numerous failed attempts at finding the answers to these questions, Del and Rodney go to a hospital where it is revealed that Del has amnesia.

An episode where Del Boy goes to an asylum to find out who he is. The Doctor gets his name, but not who he is.

An episode where Del and Rodney discover the cure for amnesia.

An episode where Del and Rodney interview the Pope, and decide they need more than just his phone number.

An episode where the boys find a dead, abandoned dog. While attempting to revive the dog, they inadvertently revived an ancient Egyptian god, which immediately turns them into sand.


QuoteTop ten funniest Only Fools and Horses quotes?
1. "Fruit on the bottom!"
2. "The Queen died last week, didn't she?"
3. "If a horse can't be arsed - it's just out of sight!"
4. "No it's not, it's gone mad."
5. "What are you going to do? Give up?"
6. "He couldn't say no - because the only no he knew was the one he had to give, and that was to all of us."
7. "I tell you what, if I was you, I'd give up on the horse - it's just out of sight."
8. "That's the way the horse does things, he's like a wind up clock - he's got a bit of a habit."
9. "We do the one thing he can't take."
10. "When did you put the lights on?"

Fambo Number Mive

I like how the Radio Times don't say exactly when they will announce the poll results, as if they aren't really that arsed or they know falling through the bar will win.

Fambo Number Mive

QuoteCelebrities pick their favourite Only Fools and Horses moments

This page will feature a celebrity's pick of favourite scenes, moments and lines from the popular comedy Only Fools And Horses.

Here are our top five from The One Show host, Alex Jones:

5. Grandad's Last Stand - "I think the most memorable one is probably of course Grandad," explains Jones. "But it's a wonderful little moment in Grandad's Last Stand. The boys just see him coming down the stairs to the sitting room.

"And of course Grandad is carrying a bottle of whisky. And he looks in the mirror and of course he's wearing a silly face, which is perfect.

"When the boys see him, you see the terror on their faces. But the boys really are just laughing and playing about with him. But he then turns around and he sees them, and he's quite surprised.

"And he just starts walking very fast back up the stairs. The boys look at each

Celebrities pick their favourite Only Fools and Horses moments

The cast and crew of Only Fools and Horses have shared some of their favourite moments from the 30-year-old sitcom.

From Del Boy and Rodney's first kiss in the horsebox to Grandad's famous line: 'We only do one man in this family, and you know what I'm talking about', the TV sitcom is set in the fictitious pub, The Queen Vic.

There have been four series, plus a special and Christmas episode. The show ran on the BBC from 1984 to 1991, and there were two spin-off films, most recently Trotters: The Movie in 2018.

"I love all the characters, but I love the three of them more than anyone," says the comic actor David Jason.