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August 10, 2022, 07:12:00 PM

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Amusingly shaped poos

Started by Fambo Number Mive, September 14, 2021, 01:32:22 PM

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Fambo Number Mive

Just did a cock and balls poo. A long thin poo with  small round poo either side. I was impressed.

Tell me of amusingly shaped poos you have done.

Wonderful Butternut

I frequently do ones that bear a striking resemblance to Graham Linehan.


I've NEVER looked at a poo, I find the whole premise completely disgusting

Quite right too. That's why I've hired a man who looks at my stools for me. He plots it against the Bristol chart and tells me if there's anything unusual about it. He'll take a Polaroid and I can choose to look at it if I so please.

I have never pleased.


Really good idea actually. How would I go about getting this service?

Fambo Number Mive

Quote from: Cuellar on September 14, 2021, 02:43:51 PM
I've NEVER looked at a poo, I find the whole premise completely disgusting

I always examine my poos, it's the best thing about doing one.


mid 40s so check my stools for blood, mucus, bits of colon etc

Quote from: Cuellar on September 14, 2021, 02:59:34 PM
Really good idea actually. How would I go about getting this service?

In the Thompson directory under S for Shit Watchers.

Mr Farenheit

One that just would not stop. It went on for hours, emptying me completely until I was just the size of a poo, and the poo was the size of me. And, incredibly, the shape of me. In fact everything went into it to the extent that I was the me shaped poo, and the old me was nothing- waste. I embraced my new state of being but I knew it couldn't last for long- I was solid but solid poo. I had no muscle, bones, blood or organs and couldn't move or speak. Luckily I soon made another 'movement' and reverted to my old state. What a relief! I remember jumping in the air and clicking my heels as I exited the bathroom. Later that evening I met an old friend who asked me, "How's your day been?". I had to laugh. "Interesting," I said, "very interesting......"


forever European so i shit on a little shelf and gaze at it intently. oh little poo. what secrets do you hold. anything to say before you are flushed away. plenty of time, little one. I am listening.


oh sorry that's not really the topic is it. well once I curled out a turd that looked exactly like the Lateran basilica. It had the Papal apartments on the side of it and everything.

Dex Sawash

Do any of them look like butter from a specific geographic region?


Once did a poo in the shape of a toilet with a poo inside of it, also in the shape of a toilet.

Also did a poo that was an impossible geometric shape, showed it to the Borg and they self annihilated.