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August 17, 2022, 05:02:38 PM

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An Alternative History of "Pop" Music: Part 3, 2004 -

Started by jamiefairlie, October 25, 2021, 04:39:14 AM

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David Is Unwell - Ed Dowie. Released on Lost Map in 2018.

A plaintive oompah ballad from The Talented Mr. Dowie.

Ed Dowie's first musical project was Brothers in Sound, the three-piece formed in 1998, releasing three EPs & an album with Regal Recordings/BMG. He then released EPs in 2013 and 2014 before joining the ranks of Lost Map Records, who released his debut album, The Uncle Sold in January 2017. His 2nd album, The Obvious I was released in March 2021 on Pete Paphides' label, Needle Mythology.

Ballad of Ballard Berkley

The Nude Party - Chevrolet Van

A catchy as all heck - to quote DJ K-Billy - "Dylan-esque, pop bubblegum favourite" from this North Carolina sextet. It's taken from their self-titled debut album.

Kadhja Bonet - Delphine

A psychedelic soul ballad from Childqueen, the second album from Californian singer Kadhja Bonet.

Cut Worms - Cash For Gold

Another excursion into the world of twenty-first century retro-pop sounds, with a track from Hollow Ground, the Everly Brothers-channeling debut album Ohio-born Max Clarke, aka Cut Worms.

Wye Oak - It Was Not Natural

US duo Wye Oak have featured here before, although by the time of their 2018 album The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs, they had moved from their guitar and drums origins to a more electronic sound.


Kathryn Joseph - Mouths Full Of Blood

Scottish singer, songwriter and pianist from Aberdeen

From "From When I Wake the Want Is"

"She's broken the curse, she's woven a spell--and the self-described 'luckiest little Scottish witch in the world' is safe to cackle back off into the night, having created possibly the best album we'll hear all year"


Low - Dancing And Fire

From "Double Negative"

"For Their 25th Anniversary Low Produce a Work of Unreal Quality in 'Double Negative' Double Negative sees Low continue their tradition of producing highly emotional music and delivers their most powerful, direct, and moving work yet"


Lowtide - Elizabeth Tower

From "Southern Mind"

" producing a certain type of nostalgia that washes over you warmly in the form of atmospheric waves of guitar and softly soaring vocals. A depth of emotion that casts you back to obscure memories from your past"

Ballad of Ballard Berkley

Gruff Rhys - Frontier Man

The Super Furry Animal frontman transforms himself into a Welsh cross between Lee Hazlewood and Glen Campbell on the opening track from his fifth solo album, Babelsberg.


Beat! - The Karminsky Experience Inc.. Released on Patterns Of Behaviour in 2018.

Ok, I'm really cheating now because this track could have come out in 1968 via 1995 rather than 2018, but I was really winding down listening to current music by this point. The plethora of 60s/70s obscure artists reissues were/ are sonically more interesting to me than contemporary stuff (although these recent threads maybe has belied that for me somewhat).

The Karminsky Experience Inc. is a DJ and recording artist duo consisting of James Munns and Martin Dingle. Munns and Dingle began spinning together in small London nightlife locales during the early 1990s, and had a long running, successful circuit of performances, in various night clubs throughout England. Their full-length debut, The Power of Suggestion, was released by the Eighteenth Street Lounge Music label in 2003. They are best known for their LP releases of The Power of Suggestion and Snapshot, both of which were put out under the ESL Music label, which was founded by Rob Garza and Eric Hilton of Thievery Corporation. Their newest album, Beat!, was released under a new label, Patterns of Behavior.


Modern Studies - Phosphene Dream

From "Welcome Strangers"

"Modern Studies offer a beautiful document with Welcome Strangers, an album that is atmospheric, dramatic, and in its conclusion conveys a cinematic quality that highlights the closeness felt between each track and by the band themselves"


Raoul Vignal - I Have Sinned

Raoul Vignal was born in Lyon, France. Soothing vocals and a delicate fingerpicking technique stand as his trademarks in composition

From "Oak Leaf"

"One of the album's most upfront songs, 'I Have Sinned', testifies to the expressive strength and precision of the record, with its psych-Americana collective riff"


Shopping - New Values

From "The Official Body"

"The third record from the UK trio wrangles their elastic, post-punk spirit into an urgency that feels bonded to the present. It makes for songs that are as mesmerizing as they are exhilarating"

Ballad of Ballard Berkley

The Last Detail - Fun Fair

The Last Detail are a duo comprised of Erin Moran, aka A Girl Called Eddy, and Mehdi Zannad, aka Fugu. This is taken from their self-titled and to date only album. We'll be hearing more from A Girl Called Eddy in the far-off future days of 2020.


Sobrenadar - Punto de Partida

Paula Garcia is a musician/singer/producer from Resistencia in the north of Argentina

From "y "

"The nine tracks which make up y flip between total dreamy ambience and floating, sci-fi eletronica."


Sons of Bill - Believer/Pretender

Virginia-born Wilson brothers, Sam, Abe and James, along with bassist Seth Green and drummer Todd Wellons

From "Oh God Ma'am"

"The pace remains brisk for Believer/Pretender, a number that, in its echoey vocals and chiming guitar, harks more to Echo & The Bunnymen than the Eagles comparisons of their early material"


Tears Run Rings - Be Still

From the "Somewhere" EP

"The super-dynamic, ironically titled "Be Still" exerts a frenetic energy reminiscent of acts like Moose and Pale Saints and at times twins the swooning vocals of Bice and Watling."

Ballad of Ballard Berkley

The Innocence Mission - Green Bus

QuoteFormed in 1986, The Innocence Mission are an American indie folk band composed of Karen Peris, her husband (and fellow guitarist) Don Peris, and Mike Bitts (bass). Although all members of the band have contributed to their music, Karen Peris is their main writer. This is taken from their eleventh studio album, Sun on the Square.


The Amazing - First Touch Of Light

From "In Transit"

"The Amazing haven't completely stayed stationary. They have very subtly added new elements to expand their sound without compromising what they do best, which is to put listeners into a meditative state. The result is an output that is as dazzling as its predecessors yet filled with unexpected surprises"


The Decemberists - Cutting Stone

From "I'll Be Your Girl"

"It shows a refreshed band, back on the chase to find new ways of songwriting, with strong melodies and intriguing lyrics remaining a constant. I'll Be Your Girl is the start of this new chapter, and it's a wonderful place for them to begin again."


The Essex Green - Don't Leave It in Our Hands

From "Hardly Electronic"

"Hardly Electronic is a mature and polished album from a band confident enough to let their influences guide their sound without overshadowing it. Longtime fans will obviously snap this up, but anyone with an interest in classically-minded pop arrangements and great songs will find much to like on this unexpected gem from the Essex Green"


Quote from: Ballad of Ballard Berkley on June 27, 2022, 01:28:27 PMThe Innocence Mission - Green Bus

Almost a perfect album, here's my pick:

The innocence mission - Light of Winter

Anna Burch - 2 Cool 2 Care

From Quit the Curse, the debut album by Detroit singer-songwriter Anna Burch, an irresistible bit of melodic but pithy guitar pop, perhaps reminiscent of Julianna Hatfield or Liz Phair.

Django Django - Tic Tac Toe

The energetic 2018 comeback single for the electro/indie band, whose members hail from Scotland, England and Northern Ireland. Taken from the album Marble Skies.

The Chills - Bad Sugar

From the New Zealand indie veterans' 2018 album Snow Bound, on which sole original member Martin Phillips hit his stride again with some timeless pop songwriting.

Ballad of Ballard Berkley

The Lovely Eggs - Wiggy Giggy

QuoteThe Lovely Eggs are a two-piece lo-fi psychedelic punk band from Lancaster, England. They consist of married couple Holly Ross and David Blackwell. Ross was formerly the lead singer and guitarist in the all-female band Angelica.

Wiggy Giggy is taken from their fifth album, This is Eggland. Produced by Dave Fridmann of Flaming Lips and loads of other bands renown, it boasts a fuller sound than previous Lovely Eggs releases.

Norton Canes

Just having a look in the old 2018 folder, turns out there were loads of proper bangers. And there's no point in me posting them here because you know what? They're all here Summersolstice 2018 and here Wintersolstice 2018. Fill yer boots. 


The Goon Sax - We Can't Win

Indie pop trio from Brisbane, Australia. Formed in 2013 by Louis Forster, the son of Robert Forster, the co-founder of the Go-Betweens.

From "We're Not Talking"

"We're Not Talking rides those lingering waves of adolescence. While the Goon Sax used to write hyper-specific vignettes, their new songs sound a little more vague and feel a little more relatable, whether they're about bottling up emotions in a movie theater or losing a loved one's number on your phone"


The Left Outsides - All That Remains

From "All That Remains"

"Even after several plays, All That Remains remains an enigmatic record, whose resolutely beautiful meanderings are destined to haunt the listener, albeit in ways difficult to verbally assess in columns such as these; you simply have to get immersed in Mark and Alison's visionary music"


The Spook School - I Only Dance When I Want To

From "Could It Be Different"