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July 01, 2022, 12:48:02 PM

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Wrestling 2021/2022: All Thread Everything

Started by madhair60, November 22, 2021, 08:51:06 AM

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A new wrestling promotion is apparently debuting in Nottingham next week. Some big names.

QuoteWrestling Entertainment Series will debut at the Arena on Saturday 4 June!
This unmissable, celebratory event will see some of the biggest names in wrestling like former known as Braun Strowman, Nia Jax, Lana, Kalisto, Authors of Pain, Fandango, Mojo Rawley, Lince Dorado and many more come together – including the wrestling debut of K1 Champion and former UFC heavyweight Alistair Overeem. Keep an eye on our website and social channels for more information.

VIP Meet & Greet (includes signed merchandise and meet your favourite stars): £272.68

Last wrestling show I attended in that venue was TNA back in 2012, which had Sting, Hogan, Bully Ray. The arena was probably at 1/3 capacity. Would be very surprised if this new show surpasses that. When Nia Jax and Braun Strowman are your big names, you're in trouble.

Gurke and Hare

Yeah, I saw that when they announced it a couple of weeks ago and decided it must be some kind of scam. Nothing about it makes sense, from the ticket prices, to running a 12,000 seat venue with that talent, to someone agreeing to work with Nia. I just hope the venue and the talent have got paid in advance.


It seems to have the same financial model as 5 Star wrestling did, so should go well.

Gurke and Hare

Kris Statlander deserves better. Otherwise, quality show.


They should have called an audible and had Statlander win that. The crowd wanted it. I know she wasn't even meant to be in the tournament, but still. They've pretty much just turned Ruby heel now.

Live Rampage is always a blast though. That Bucks cosplaying as the Hardys bit was ace. Cutler as Lita, haha.


I can't believe they've added 2 matches to the already bloated card!


I'm loving all the clips from the AEW Karaoke event last night.

Bryan Danielson singing Backstreet Boys -

And Keith Lee being a legit decent singer -

Keith Lee should thank his lucky stars the Vince and Bruce brain trust never found about about his singing. He'd have become the new Ron Simmons, turning up after the worst skits in history to sing Oh My God after a 20 second pause


Things getting really weird with MJF. He no showed the AEW meet and greet today and apparently isn't answering his phone. Fans have been offered refunds (which is the part that makes me think it's not a work). Maybe he's pulling a stunt to get out of his contract.


Can't see that working. AEW would have every write to freeze his contract like WWE do, and MJF would have very little sympathy from the AEW fanbase. He's always pushed the boundaries of heelish behaviour at these things, so maybe he's just trying something out. I dunno.


I wonder if he did make the jump, what they'd do with him. I've always heard people say that WWE wouldn't let him be the MJF we see right now and they'd water him down. But if he's even half as great as his fans say he is, he'd find a way to get over regardless.

If he's pulling shit like this because he isn't getting what he thinks he deserves? Surely someone in WWE will be aware, see him as someone with an attitude problem and may pass on him.

Then he's fucked himself out of a good spot in AEW, AND a potential gig in WWE.


By the sounds of it he is underpaid. If I were Big Tone I'd be giving him a pay bump but I guess maybe he doesn't want to set a precedent of renegotiating pay before his contract expires?


The last talk I saw is that Tony is happy to give him a pay bump but under a new extended contract.


Yeah, I saw that as well. I dunno, wouldn't you just want to pay him more to keep him happy so he's more likely to resign in 2024?


QuoteAEW star MJF did not appear for today's Fanfest in Las Vegas. The word making the rounds is that he legitimately did not attend and that the promotion was not able to get in contact with him. For fans who had paid for MJF autographs and photos, AEW staff did their best to make good to them, including offering exchanges to other talents.

As has discussed on Elite audio in recent weeks, there's been a feeling that MJF hasn't been on the same wavelength of late behind the scenes with AEW management and has been keeping more to himself behind the scenes. We are told that MJF actually has 18 months to two years left on his existing deal and that AEW management has wanted to talk about locking him into a newer deal as it's not unusual for AEW to rip up a current deal and lock talents into newer, longer-term contracts well before their existing one expires.

Thus far, MJF is said to have not been receptive to sitting down and talking. That's had some feeling he was being disrespectful to Tony Khan, although we've never heard that Khan himself feels that way.

MJF referencing Cody Rhodes and Bruce Prichard in interviews of late and referencing WWE talents, including defending the output of the company's Performance Center to fans on Twitter, has also made some raise their eyebrows and launch conspiracy theories.

MJF has been increasingly vocal about his unhappiness with the promotion, including tweeting "F*** this place" in response to AEW President Tony Khan's comments about him during a Double or Nothing media call several days ago before deleting the tweet. When asked about MJF's status during the call, Khan stated that wrestling strives when the real life intersects with what's on the screen. There was no free agent market when AEW started. That has changed. The match is a huge opportunity for Wardlow to become an official part of AEW and be something more than MJF's thug. He said that everything else MJF has brought to the conversation about his gripes, contractual discussions and other issues adds to the interest in the match.


SRS reporting a flight has been booked for MJF tonight out of Las Vegas.

Really sucks for Wardlow's big moment.


I guess you never know if it's really a work or a shoot... but yeah that sucks for Wardlow if true.


Looks like AEW are still promoting the match as of a few minutes ago

May just be a timed post or an intern just doing his job of course, seems the situation is pretty fluid.


If MJF has really walked out of a PPV commitment, he might find himself out of AEW and a lack of interest from WWE, especially after how they reacted to Sasha and Naomi. I'm kind of hoping Khan is just being a dick rather than MJF's ego getting too big, as we really can't have a talent like that sabotaging himself.


If he's pissed off AEW, there's not much incentive for WWE to offer him more money. You're meant to play them off against each other, not leave yourself only 1 choice


Quote from: Ja'moke on May 29, 2022, 03:08:02 AMSRS reporting a flight has been booked for MJF tonight out of Las Vegas.

Really sucks for Wardlow's big moment.

Taking off in a few hours apparently.

Not much new news. Meltzer missed an Eagles game for this drama which is a huge tragedy

Here's a livestream for any updates. SRS has known MJF for years

Old Thrashbarg

MJF wasn't on the plane apparently. It does feel like a work, but I've got no idea who's working and who's being worked.

Gurke and Hare

Quote from: Mobius on May 29, 2022, 06:21:05 AMNot much new news. Meltzer missed an Eagles game for this drama which is a huge tragedy

It was an Eagles concert I think - the Eagles sports team are out of season at the moment. I liked hearing pissed and giggly Dave.


I just don't understand MJF's mindset here. If his contract isn't up until early 2024, and Tony has offered him more money (for an extended contract) and MJF won't agree to it, then what does no-showing events do?

Either AEW releases him (meaning there won't be the bidding war MJF wants and WWE could low-ball him) or they sit him at home for 18 months, as his star power diminishes, and, again, won't be in a position to get that big money contract when his deal expires.

Like, with Sasha and Naomi, it seemed to be a creative issue. They weren't looking to get out of a deal or up their pay. So walking out over creative in hopes that it will force WWE to do better, I can kind of understand that, even if I don't think it will work. MJF, I just don't get it.


I presume he thinks that threatening to no show this event after the great build means it's more likely he can force Khan's hand now than at any other time. Feels a bit of a crazy move to do it so publicly though as I'd think that would make TK less likely to cave. Who knows though. Wrestling!


It's because he's a pimple on the ass of life.


Meltzer reporting that MJF isn't backstage at the arena. AEW has also removed the match graphic from Twitter and the promo video from YouTube.


I had my suspicions that Wardlow was losing on Wednesday because the card was already so overstuffed, so they might be going somewhere unexpected.  The match being off would fit that.  But like Meltzer says, you really wouldn't expect them to just not have the match without doing something else with Wardlow, which doesn't help the timing unless he gets added to another match.

This is a variation on a familiar gag post but it got me good more than once.


Quote from: Ja'moke on May 29, 2022, 08:47:36 PMthe match graphic from Twitter and the promo video from YouTube.

Youtube vid just went back up