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August 09, 2022, 09:10:59 PM

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Not Lovin the Show Steve

Started by Tony Tony Tony, July 01, 2022, 06:01:09 PM

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His musical choices were often pretty batshit, esp on R2 where he had more freedom, maybe? Last time I listened to The Big Show, about ten years ago, he played two obscure Christopher Cross tracks within an hour of each other, without drawing attention to the fact. He also played something by First Aid Kit, presumably from the playlist as he'd clearly never heard it before, and said it reminded him of the McGarrigle sisters. His guest that day was Craig Brown. Semi-serious jockin.

I loved Steve Wright's show in the 80s, even if Gervaise the hairdresser was such a stereotypical camp gay and Damian the social worker was such a cliche as a hippy type who sounded stoned.

Did you really like my show? 

Yeah so, missah Wright!


I can't remember the last time I listened to him but it is still a bit weird he is going. Bit like when a shop in town you've never been in but has always been there closes. This is what getting old is I suppose. Another fixed point in the universe gone.

When I worked as a car painter I was subjected to his show every afternoon for years. I developed huge resentment of his ego 'Hi Steve GREAT SHOW!!', yeah, that one line really got under my skin.

Uncle TechTip

I thought that his announcement was going to go full DLT but in the end it was an anti-DLT. "Changes are being made... which are in line with my principles and I'm very happy to step aside". It's clear it's not his choice though.

I love Wrighty even though I rarely listen, as described well by many here, he wrote the rules for UK zoo radio.


Quote from: non capisco on July 02, 2022, 08:19:27 PMWithout Steve Wright In The Afternoon you wouldn't have had "let's say hello to my new comedy character Camp David", the best bit in I'm Alan Partridge, so there's that.

But you also wouldn't have had "I'll Be Back" by Arnee and The Terminators, a serious contender for the most unpleasant sounding UK top 40 single of all time.

I'll spare Steve Wright from mauling by lion in my imaginary colosseum of ultimate judgment purely because Steve Wright In The Afternoon was the sound of being driven home from school, a comforting memory associated with your time becoming yours again to do what you wished with it. And I'll go to my grave still remembering "Llamaman, Llamaman. Does everything that a llama can. He can bleat, he can trot. He's got everything that a llama's got."

This is p. much my experience, I loved him when all I was hearing was a section of his show during a car journey.

He was the highlight of the Radio 1 daytime schedule as the soundtrack to wrapping up a day at a hot dirty summer job grading plant bulbs.

My patience ran out being stuck in a office job listening to him on Radio 2 day in, day out.

Jake Thingray

If Radio 2 didn't occasionally update its act, it'd still be in the horrific state it was in during the late 80's and early 90's, where under controller Frances Line it still had presenters like Judith Chalmers and Katie Boyle, and really was as though the 1950's had never ended.

And Scott Mills is a professional, experienced radio broadcaster -- those currently gnashing their teeth over Wright stepping down really would have something to whinge about if the replacement were a TV presenter or former pop star, as is often the case on R2's commercial rivals.

He'll be on Greatest Hits Radio within the year.

derek stitt

Quote from: canted_angle_again on July 04, 2022, 03:24:27 AMWhen I worked as a car painter I was subjected to his show every afternoon for years. I developed huge resentment of his ego 'Hi Steve GREAT SHOW!!', yeah, that one line really got under my skin.

My experience too, not car painting though - looking after a machine that made artificial flower stems. Hope you didn't have some cunt come up to you going Blobby, Blobby, Blobby all the time as well. Being served up Noel Edmunds after enduring that awful Bjork impression is just a bit draining.
Steve Wright seems an alright bloke though. There were far worse than him out there.