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May 27, 2022, 07:33:34 AM

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Better Call Saul - the sixth (and final) season

Started by Blue Jam, February 24, 2021, 12:26:37 PM

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Blue Jam

Quote from: Twit 2 on October 17, 2021, 12:04:26 PM
Christ, I hope my lovely Kim makes it to the end alive.

Recent interview with Racy:

Quote from: The HornWe have to be careful about even me saying that I'm in New Mexico, because people don't know, does Kim survive? What happens to Kim?


Racy has also said there's a strict rule about actors not being allowed to be photographed in costume, and how they have to refuse all requests from fans when they stumble across filming, because tiny details like the colour of Jimmy's tie or the looseness of Kim's ponytail give away a lot on a show as intricately detailed as this.

Updates on filming are getting fewer and farther between, I guess everything's going to be very hush-hush for the last few episodes.

Blue Jam

Quote from: mothman on October 17, 2021, 01:06:05 PM
I know we've discussed before what exactly Jimmy/Saul/Gene was running from (back on page 2) but I'm now wondering if Kim becomes the Cartel's lawyer. Maybe she'd get into doing it with the best of motives - it'd really allow her to do the pro bono work she wanted to; she might even think doing it would get Jimmy off the hook as she's a much better and more ruthless lawyer than he is. But then maybe they break up and her attitude towards him is less tolerant. It'd be a hell of a twist if the one thing Gene is really running from is... KIM!

One area where Jimmy has a long way to go before going full Saul is the cynicism. Jimmy may be a bit more cynical than he was in the HHM mailroom but Saul is one of the most cynical characters ever. Chuck's attempts to keep him down may have been a catalyst for that to some extent, but surely something even bigger that that still needs to happen? Kim doing something to destroy his faith in all that is good? Who wouldn't end up relentlessly cynical as a result of that?


Blue Jam

It was your call! Great post!

I can't imagine Saul being the way he is if Kim dies, cynical but still breezily cheerful with it. Something's got to break what little shred of idealism he has left, but not his spirit. Otherwise Jimmy would have skipped Saul and gone straight to Gene.


Yes but you identified the crux of it. His cynicism is the one element still lacking.

Contemplating a BCS rewatch from the start. Reckon we've got four-five months before the "early 2022" date bandied about. But, not going to lie, the first two or three seasons will be a challenge to sit through again. Especially if I rope MrsMoth in. Anyone interested in a CaB BCS Rewatch Club (and thread) to keep us motivated?

Blue Jam

I rewatched season 5 lately, heheheh. Can't get enough of 'em, count me in. Could do the podcasts as well...

Seen this deleted scene from BrBa, where Saul tracks down Walter at his sordid little grief hole after Skyler has thrown him out?

Deleted so it's not canon, but Saul tells Walt he had an inkling he'd be there, having lived there himself after three failed marriages, and three wives supposedly cheating on him. Not two, three. Good thing it was cut as it could have been even more of a continuity nightmare than the "I caught my stepdad screwing my second wife" line... or maybe marriage #3 really is doomed... maybe there's an "I FUCKED HOWARD" coming up... :'(


OK. Ponder on this I shall. Will also be looking for "lines to take" (God, I've been a civil servant too long) when it comes to persuading the OH she should stick with it. I don't think "It gets better, honestly" will cut it!

Blue Jam

"Alright Jimmy, either that combover goes or I do."

We're gonna need a hair loss montage as well. Mrs Nguyen better work on her mini-mullet game.

Yes, I think the cynicism is the big thing. Jimmy also has some way to go before he's as savvy as Saul is, but being out of his depth possibly won't matter so much now he's getting to the point where he can afford to pay Mike, Huell, Kuby etc to do all the dirty work, and we know Saul was never any good at fighting and doesn't like guns.

Also that thing of not being comfortable with getting his hands too dirty will just make it all the more dramatic when Gene is finally forced to confront Jeff himself, and do it alone.

Blue Jam

Another thing that has me a bit worried for Kim is the fact that when we see Gene reminiscing about his glory days, he's watching Saul Goodman's commercials rather than looking at the wedding snaps taken by Huell or any other reminders of Kim, and when he scratches his initials on the wall he goes for SG rather than JMM. Of course the latter thing could just be because he was eager to drop the name McGill, but could it be that he was at his happiest post-Kim? :(

Meanwhile Thomas Schnauz has confirmed that he is in Albuquerque prepping episode 11. Not much longer now:


I don't think they necessarily film in chronological order so they might be filming ep 11 now but have already wrapped 13?

Blue Jam

It looks like they film largely in chronological order- a few months back both Bob'n'Rhea said they don't know how this series ends because they've been avoiding reading the later scripts because they're also fans and they want to avoid spoilers. Also season 1 was definitely filmed in chronological order as the actors were kept in the dark about the plot point of Chuck blocking Jimmy's appointment to HHM until they filmed the episode, as a bit of enforced method acting to make Chuck and Jimmy's big argument and the anger and surprise seem more real.

Season 6 is a bit different though as they were. filming scenes without Jimmy while Odenkirk was recovering from his heart attack. Giancarlo Esposito has confirmed that he has filmed pretty much all of his scenes and I can imagine that's the case for a few others who play characters who don't interact with Jimmy much.

Also I have been following the filming of this way too closely :)


I guess also it's less important to hide what happens to characters like Gus as we already know their fate.


Quote from: earl_sleek on October 20, 2021, 10:05:32 AM
I guess also it's less important to hide what happens to characters like Gus as we already know their fate.

True; this is why Nacho and Kim have already given me some major scares in the programme.

Blue Jam

I've noticed Rhea Seehorn and Michael Mando have been a lot quieter than usual on social media lately. Mando especially can be quite loose-lipped!


Do they film the actual Nebraska flash-forwards (actually what do they call them, given the main action is essentially all flashbacks?) on location? Because if there are going to be any extended or weekly Gene scenes (or even full episodes), I guess it'd make sense to film all those in one go instead of per-episode...

Blue Jam

Quote from: mothman on October 20, 2021, 06:15:20 PM
Do they film the actual Nebraska flash-forwards (actually what do they call them, given the main action is essentially all flashbacks?) on location? Because if there are going to be any extended or weekly Gene scenes (or even full episodes), I guess it'd make sense to film all those in one go instead of per-episode...

The Cinnabon scenes are filmed at Albuquerque's Cottonwood Mall, and were filmed at the actual branch of Cinnabon there until it closed down. After that they were filmed at a mockup of the store, in the same location at the same mall. The outdoor Nebraska scenes are also filmed in Albuquerque, with fake snow.

I've been listening to a few of the Breaking Bad Insider podcasts lately, and the one for Granite State has Bryan Cranston and Vince Gilligan talking about how the New Hampshire scenes also weren't filmed in New Hampshire, and how the crew did a recce for the most New Hampshire-looking bit of the Sandia Mountains, and how after they found the perfect place they went back to film and found most of the snow had melted, so they had to find a bit with more snow, and all the time they had to be careful no-one suffered altitude sickness... bit of a faff but perhaps not as much of a faff as flying everyone out to New Hampshire. Apparently there's a bit in the scene where Walt exits the bar where you can see fake snow covering a cactus...

Back to BCS, the scenes in Texas were also filmed in New Mexico (they painted a mural of the Texas state flag on a building), ditto for the bit in New Orleans, and the scenes in Cicero. And the ones in Germany... I'm not sure any of the scenes in BrBa or BCS are actually filmed outside New Mexico- anyone know?

I'd recommend the Insider podcasts, been listening to them at werk lately and there's tons of incredibly nerdy detail if you like that sort of thing. "How the sausage is made", as Vince Gilligan likes to call it.

Blue Jam

Couple of bits of news buried in this interview with the lovely Racy:

Quote"Cooper's Bar" is an original short-form digital series produced for AMC that will be timed to run next spring around the Season 6 return of "Saul"...

As for the final season of "Saul", which will air over two halves...

AFAIK this hasn't been reported anywhere else yet, so maybe take it with a pinch of salt, but the last I heard (via Thomas Schnauz on Twitter) they were still filming episode 10, so with three episodes still to go it'd be nice to get the first half sooner rather than later. Might need a hasty re-edit to make two cliffhangers though. And at least two Gene scenes... could work! And it'd be in true BrBa tradition of course!

Meanwhile Cooper's Bar sounds fun. Racy being "an absolute asshole" could be the prep we need for Kim Wexler's face-heel turn.

Blue Jam

I stand corrected: Episode 11 started shooting on the 4th of November, according to its director, Thomas Schnauz:

Blue Jam

Blue Jam

In the meantime Patrick Fabian has been lending his super-smooth 1950s radio announcer tones to Strange Air, a supernatural mystery story podcast you can check out for free here:

Blue Jam

Some bits from White Turtle Casting, who cast the extras and find them triples of all the classic cars:

Spoiler alert
They're looking for car models later than 2011, and light-coloured, for background. For what looks like the episode before that they want vehicles 2010 and older, "red okay to use" when they usually can't accept red, presumably because of the colour coding in this show. Looks like we're getting more from the Gene timeline, and still in black and white

Filming's scheduled to go on into February though :(

Blue Jam

A few casting details are starting to come through, nothing massively spoilery though:

Looks like there'll be lots of
Spoiler alert
Cartel stuff
in episode 1, and
Spoiler alert
"Assisted Living Supervisor" suggests we may be revisiting Sandpiper Crossing.
Also plenty of
Spoiler alert
throughout. Lots of
Spoiler alert
assorted thugs and scary blokes
but I guess that's only to be expected in a show about criminal lawyers.

Rhea Seehorn, Michael Mando and Tony Dalton have each got a credit for all 13 episodes. How many of those are (credit only) is evidently being kept tightly under wraps.

Blue Jam

AMC's site for advertisers now stating S6 will air from Q2-Q3 2022:

Bit later than planned but it now looks like the series won't be a two-parter.

(via Reddit)


Dex Sawash

Blue Jam

Blue Jam

Quote from: Timothy on November 19, 2021, 04:01:09 PMOdenkirk will tour the UK to promote his book:

Looks like this starts on March 17th. Couple of UK dates announced with full details TBC but Manchester and London CaBbers may want to make a note in the diary. There's also a virtual event planned among the US dates (via Reddit):

I've just pre-ordered a signed copy of the book, Waterstones are doing them if anyone else is after one.


Thanks for this! Unfortunately I won't be able to attend but the signed book sounds great.