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May 20, 2022, 06:09:14 AM

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What "best OFAH moments" have the Radio Times missed in their new poll?

Started by Fambo Number Mive, August 31, 2021, 03:21:37 PM

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Fambo Number Mive

It's another "vote for the best Only Fools and Horses moment, this time from the Radio Times

QuoteIt's difficult to compile a poll of the greatest Only Fools moments when there are so many to choose from, but we here at have narrowed it down to 10 options.

Whether you like the absurdity of the Batman and Robin scene, the perfect physical comedy of Del Boy falling through the bar or one of the show's genuinely powerful emotional scenes, make sure your opinion is heard below.

They've chosen 10 moments:

- Batman and Robin
- Cassandra's miscarriage
- Del Boy falls through the bar
- Auction fainting
- "Holding back the years"
- Trigger's well-maintained broom (not a euphamism)
- Inflatable dolls
- One last deal?
- Rodney corrects Trigger

What others best OFAH moments are there? Let's ask TextSynth:

Quote- Batman and Robin
- Cassandra's miscarriage
- Del Boy falls through the bar
- Auction fainting
- "Holding back the years"
- Trigger's well-maintained broom (not a euphamism)
- Inflatable dolls
- One last deal?
- Rodney corrects Trigger's spelling
- Trigger's "fainting" in the bathroom
- Rodney's "fainting" in the kitchen
- Rodney's wedding speech
- Rodney's "fainting" at the christening of Rodney's grandchild
- Trigger's wedding toast
- Del's wife leaves
- Rodney's wife leaves
- More "fainting"
- Derek is "bitter"
- More "bitter"
- "Bitter" on the wedding anniversary
- Rodney's "bitter"
- "Bitter" on Rodney's "fainting" anniversary

Quote- Batman and Robin
- Cassandra's miscarriage
- Del Boy falls through the bar
- Auction fainting
- "Holding back the years"
- Trigger's well-maintained broom (not a euphamism)
- Inflatable dolls
- One last deal?
- Rodney corrects Trigger's pronunciation of the word "pistol"
- How Del can afford a mansion
- Gwen's 'sick' (not that you'd be able to tell it from "I'm in love")
- Trigger's well-earned nickname as Del's 'secretary'
- Del's new phone number - I don't think you've ever been to the 'shop' before?

Cassandra's Miscarriage™ has just 3% of the votes, so we need to get the word out ASAP.

Fambo Number Mive

Falling through the bar is unsurprisingly highest with 36%.

Exit poll has Falling through the bar on course to win with 55% of the vote, with particularity large shares of the vote expected in the South East.

I watched the clip for Cassandra's Miscarriage and I heard Del Boy say to Rodney "No crying, no booing" as if Rodney was going to walk in there and boo his distraught wife. He must have meant boo-hooing but it sounded a bit jarring. It wasn't a football match.


Replies From View

Replies From View

Del Boy wanking through the bar

Rodney wanks himself as 14 years old

Del Boy and Rodney wank a startling clockwork orange at auction

Uncle TechTip

"Fahzens of em", "Nah it's Barradd's" and "I saw one o dem new five pahnd notes the avver day"

Fambo Number Mive

When Uncle Albert went to the Imperial War Musuem and delivered a stirring speech.

When Boycie was caught nicking cars by the Driscoll brothers and got his bottom spanked in front of the entire population of Peckham.


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When Don Vincenzo replaced Del Boy in Peckham to escape the heat and ended up giving Boycie a Colombian necktie.

Captain Z

Del turns Uncle Albert's Tobaccah Road into trendy new apartments.

Elderly Sumo Prophecy

Rodney walks in on his stepsister in the shower and she'll tell mom if he doesn't fuck her in every hole

Fambo Number Mive

Del Boy tries to get Denzil to train them all up as lorry drivers in order to "support Boris", but Denzil tells him to do one. "I wouldn't trust you behind the wheel of a push-bike, Trotter, let alone my massive lorry! You'd take out Peckham High Street!" In response, Del Boy offers to use his three wheeled van to transport goods but ends up with a load of lorry parts to deliver to North London that knacker the suspension.

When Del finally gets to the border between South and North London, he has forgotten to bring his passport and the border guards detain him for a cavity search. Close up on Del Boy's face as a massive hand is shoved up his bottom!

Eventually, he gets to the car parts warehouse but it is closed as it is 9pm so he drops the car parts outside and drives back home (requiring another cavity search on the South London side of the border) only to find out that the parts were actually for lorries meaning even longer for lorry freight to get there as they were stolen. Del Boy blames the "woke FBPE types" and turns on GB News.

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That time Rodney was eating mincemeat that was ground-up Cassandra's miscarriage.  His face when he found out, haha


When they gangbanged Marleen, and forced Rodney to stir the porridge to make a man out him.

Mr Farenheit

When Del was invited on a camping trip by the Yuppies and they made him wear a lion costume.

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When it was revealed that Rodney only fancies posh proto- Elizabeth Carlings

Fambo Number Mive

Rodney catches Del taking a bath in cream cheese.

"Del, I've told you before. Water and alcohol only in this bath."

Mr Farenheit

The single shot sequence when Albert cooks and eats a fry-up in real-time.

When Del threatened to cut Alice Beer's face after a Watchdog exposé.

Fambo Number Mive

The one where Del, Rodney and Grandad reenacted scenes from different Shakespeare plays.

Cassandra as Lady Macbeth with all miscarriage all over her hands.

When Denzil gets drunk and has hallucinations where he plays chess with his dead son, which scares him so much that he breaks down, and starts sobbing and crying, and the crew and family all get together and comfort him.

When Del realised that it wasn't his face he was born without, but a pair of glasses.

When Del had his first kiss.

When Del Boy met another dad, who he loved like his own, when he hadn't thought he would be able to.

When Del's auntie introduced him to someone who went to the same school and had the same interests.

When he rang him to tell him what had happened.

When he had to start again, because of the grief.

When Rodney does that silly dance to Tom Jones' It's Not Unusual.

Fambo Number Mive

When Boycie and Del Boy have a competition to see who can slam their cock in a drawer the most times in an hour.

When Rodney rides a horse to market, but still gets a parking ticket.

When Del Boy invents a new cocktail and goes on Weekend at One.

When Boycie and Rodney play with each others nipples while glaring menacingly at each other.

When DCI Slater fits up Micky Pearce for noncing, but Del Boy pins it on someone else just before the trial.

When Uncle Albert refuses to let anyone else use the toilet all week, meaning Del Boy has a shopping bag full of excrement which he tries to sell down the market.

When Del finds one of Rodney's pubes in the horseradish.

When Grandad's pants are sold to the Victoria and Albert Museum for £1.20.

When Del Boy said something rude about the Common Market and winked at the camera.

When Grandad had the police on the blower informing them that Rodney & Del were stealing motorways.

When Del & Rodney are caught by the police trying to break into a church with the fire brigade.

When Del Boy's car breaks down.

When Rude Boy and his brother have a bet over which one of them is gonna turn up to court the most.

When Del gives Mandy a lift. She wants to go home.

When Grandad gives Del Boy a birthday card.

When Rodney finds the book of the original 'Allo 'Allo scripts.

When the cast of the 'Allo 'Allo TV show all get interviewed together.

When Delboy is made mayor.

When Rodney says he is going to be the new Prime Minister.

When Roy and Rodney come up with a plan to get Del Boy to go to America with them.

Fambo Number Mive

QuoteThe parlance of the Trotter world became not just known for great lines of TV comedy bullion. It became part of the vocabulary of a nation. 'You plonker!', Alright, Dave', 'Rodney, you tart!', 'Lovely Jubbly', 'You know it makes sense', a Jolly Boys Outing, 'this time next year we'll be millionaires' and all of Del Boy's bad French assurances still bounce about British popular culture like Nervous Nerys in a speeding Robin Reliant.

The Trotters have been satirized in music by The Jam, the Human League, The Lightning Seeds, The Wonderstuff and Scritti Politti as well as featuring in numerous stage shows. A TV tribute show was filmed in 2000 entitled The Return of the Famous Jubbly Family, featuring a number of famous TV personalities. The show was spoofed in a 2006 series, The Return of the Famous Jubbly Family starring Alan Davies.

In popular culture
Trotterisms are now used and misused daily by the inhabitants of a wide variety of online communities, most notably forums and chatrooms. They are used to show approval, to encourage other users to do things and to poke fun at other users' stupidity. Some users, especially those in politics or other areas of controversy, use Trotterisms for their own ends. Although Trotterisms are usually used in the third person, some users have taken to using the first person to describe people they


ahh may oui rodders mange le je mapelle eh le shitted me new jeans onne le embankment tube le escalators, le unlocked the attack mode with wheels and an ACK ACK TURRET rodders, fuckin amazing man, fuck grandad off, get him sold