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"British-made sci-fi, folk horror, period drama and televisual grand tours"

Started by holyzombiejesus, August 31, 2021, 03:42:34 PM

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There's a new book out called The Magic Box, which heavily features stuff from that folk horror/ hauntology/ Owl Service/ Children of the Stones/ Nigel Kneale era. I guess there have been umpteen threads on stuff like this on here over the years but thought I'd start a new one since autumn's on the way. Any recommendations, especially more obscure ones?

Catalogue Trousers

One good example that's often overlooked is The One Game. Here's a piece that I wrote about it for the We Are Cult website.

Norton Canes

I've only just managed to acquire Scarred for Life vol. 1 so I might wait a while for this, I'm sure it covers a lot of similar ground.


Magnum Valentino


My personal touchstone is Star Maidens. Indeed I may have been the only child to have watched it twice when it was transmitted (my gran lived in LWT, whereas my parents could only get Anglia and they put it out at different times). It's never been repeated to my knowledge, although nowadays you can get a DVD of it for a tenner second-hand.

A sub-Space 1999, Battle Of The Sexes, Anglo-German co-production - the British contingent thought they were making straight sci-fi, whereas the Germans saw it as a light sex comedy; high camp ensued. Featuring a pre-Roj Blake, pre-Children Of The Stones Gareth Thomas, Pierre 'Winnetou' Brice and Judy 'been in everything' Geeson, it's a bizarre combination of Space 1999-quality space vehicles, chunky futuristic sets, and location footage of the housing estates and rural outskirts of Slough.

I think all episodes are on YT - episode 1 is HERE.