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Does popcorn's racism tarnish H.S. Art's legacy?

Started by Glebe, September 13, 2021, 05:25:25 PM

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Serious question guys... does popcorn's vicious, hateful xenophobia spoil all that is good about H.S. Art!

Need to know!



I did chuckle a little at the East Timor stuff, I must say.

I learned very early on in life to separate the shart from the shartist.
As a child, upon doing a shart I would peel my underwear away from my backside and this has stood me in such good stead as an adult that I don't even understand the concept of racism.

Ebony and ivory
the shart in the underpants of me
side by side with my milk white ass cheeks
oh lord, why can't we? (be (not racist))



No, it's lead to some great HS Art meets such as the round em up and chuck em aht jamboree. And who can forget his barrack a Buryat challenge? Or wallop a Wallach? Good stuff!


I get a bit bored with the Visigoth material. I for one would be very happy to have one as a neighbour.


Dunno, I think "Sissygoth" was a brilliant bit of ethnic slurring, props to popcorn.

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If anything I think popcorn's racism has brought us all together. 

Prior to his outlandish commentaries on Glenfell Tower and other popular tower disasters of the 21st century, I had assumed you were all as bad as him.  I would often apologise in my own posts for being against racism and so on, thinking you guys would pile on me. 

But then popcorn started chipping in with his "oh 'chipping in' like the fish and chips places run by pakis" stuff, and lo and behold you guys started to unveil your less bigoted sides.  "no popcorn it is bad to say that" really sticking your neck out some of you.  I am so happy.


has HS Art's racism tarnished my legacy more like. is the way I see it.

Dr Rock

Oh so now it's 'racist' to say that apartheid was fantastic and we should have it over here? Typical wokeflake incel hysteria. popcorn just has legiitimte concerns and loves his country and heritage and judao-christain values and hates foreigners. ps I am wanking as I write this. To Lauren Southern.


Quote from: popcorn on September 13, 2021, 11:48:58 PM
has HS Art's racism tarnished my legacy more like. is the way I see it.

Did you or did you not confuse Marcus Rashford with Martin Luther King?