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Picture Box / Re: Bodyguard
« Last post by Mobius on Today at 11:54:53 PM »
Yeah the Nadia twist was silly, not sure it was needed as there was more than enough there with the police/security services/gangsters/pissed of war vets.

But overall really enjoyed the show. Whets your appetite for a bit more Line of Duty...
General Bullshit / Re: How nice is your house
« Last post by Dr Rock on Today at 11:54:41 PM »
Lived here for three years now, count myself extreeemely lucky to find it in the shitshow that is finding affordable places to live anywhere in London these days. One bedroom flat in Muswell Hill - one of the top five most expensive places to live in London! I just found out - with beautiful view of a sunset every night (cos it's up a hill, on the second floor) and half the price it should be. The lovely landlady knows that, they were just looking for a nice tenant... which I fooled them that I was.

Well decorated but still having tons of character like a brilliant 70s gas fire. When I was looking for a place I had to move fast, and was looking at some right pokey dumps in much worse areas of London (Colindale, no offense) for the same price, and nearly took them - if someone didn't get the deposit in first. Gareth Off The Office is my neighbour (in the house Peter Sellers used to live in). That's a lot of information, so don't use it to stalk me please.

The only downside is the lovely quietness (that is also a boon) is sometimes punctured by the hacking cough of a man next door. It's annoying, but mostly sad as it does not sound normal, so he'll probably die soon.

Also on my street is a building called 'Fairport' - and I just found out that it's where some member of Fairport Convention would convene in their early days, hence the name. Of the band, not the building.
Comedy Chat / Re: My Dad Wrote A Porno... on HBO
« Last post by Sebastian Cobb on Today at 11:51:58 PM »
It's hard to believe one of them is a R1 DJ because she makes Jo Whiley sound like Verity Sharp or something.
Picture Box / Re: Bodyguard
« Last post by Ballad of Ballard Berkley on Today at 11:49:08 PM »
The scene where Nadia revealed her true colours was so silly. The way the sneering smile came over here face was like something out of a cartoon.

Utterly absurd, and as others have said, totally at odds with what the show was supposedly about: don't trust the government, don't trust everything you read in the papers, don't blindly assume that all Muslims are terrorists. Nadia turning out to be an actual terrorist didn't work as a clever twist, it just confirmed the bigoted attitudes of cunts. That, surely, wasn't Mercurio's intention?
Technology / Re: Tech stuff you've been learning recently
« Last post by Sebastian Cobb on Today at 11:44:12 PM »
Probably horribly patronising but:

1. Are you rsync-ing over SSH? What ciphers?
2. What ciphers and modes for LUKS?

(I'm assuming that thing's processor doesn't have hardware AES but I might well be wrong.)

On 2, it's probably not worth the arsing about but cryptsetup benchmark insists that twofish is slightly less taxing for my machine than AES.

1) No because it's in a lan, so I just use NFS.
2) I just did a basic 'cryptsetup luksformat' on the drive.

When building the vm box upthread I had to move files onto the drive out of a veracrypt store that was twofish(aes)) and it took 3 days to shift it over, I think there was an IO bottleneck though as it'd slam data between the vm's at 1gbs for a few seconds then do nothing for tens of seconds. That was between two vm's and sucking from usb2 though. It took a lot less time moving the files back onto the luks drive (done on a single vm-> usb drive).

I'm not really interested in speeding it up, it'll do for sitting around waiting for a cron to push back to it.
Deeper Into Movies / Re: Hereditary
« Last post by Mister Six on Today at 11:41:56 PM »
Just got round to seeing this. Went in with zero expectations and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Same. Might have helped that it was just me and the missus in our living room rather than in a cinema full of sniggering twats, but I thought it was about the most harrowing film I've seen in years. It only lost it for me right at the end when it got a bit daft and expository. All the underlined passages were enough - I don't know why we needed to have it all repeated out loud when the ritual would pretty much have been enough.

Not sure what the plot holes people were complaining about. I was a bit confused about why the mum was suddenly possessed, but other than that it all made sense. Grandma leaving her demonic plans in a box in the attic was silly though.
Comedy Chat / Re: My Dad Wrote A Porno... on HBO
« Last post by Mobius on Today at 11:40:21 PM »
How much porno did the dad write, that they've been able to milk it this far and do live shows?

Literally cannot believe 'haha badly written fanfic' has so much shelf life.

General Bullshit / Re: Brexit Discussion Thread number 3
« Last post by Shoulders?-Stomach! on Today at 11:38:32 PM »

Mason reckons Labour should back a 2nd referendum if another election is called

Corbyn’s strategy to date – of spelling out red lines and opposing solutions that crossed them – was always designed to allow Brexit-supporting Labour voters to learn by experience how treacherous the process would be. The Tories had told them that leaving would be easy; it wasn’t. They told them the new treaties would be done and dusted by March 2019. They will not be. They assured voters there would be no downsides to a no-deal solution. Now they urge voters to stockpile food in case it happens.

The gameplan worked up to a point. May’s chaotic negotiating stance has eroded popular support for Brexit, though not decisively. But the process of learning by experience now has to be supplemented with a positive vision, reinforced by Corbyn and Keir Starmer spelling out a clear Brexit proposal of their own.
Comedy Chat / Re: Graham LOLnehan
« Last post by Funcrusher on Today at 11:37:55 PM »
It's the modern day Battle of Cable Street, facing off against the nazi menace of Graham Linehan.
General Bullshit / Re: Sargon of Lolcow
« Last post by jobotic on Today at 11:37:02 PM »
Of course the real reason we have these insufferable bellends are cluttering up our YouTubez is that we still have a legacy media that refuses to talk about diversity, gender issues, men's right, in any way which doesn't tell us the opposite of what we so often see. When you create a culture of silence within the respectable press, it does rather leave the gate wide open for anyone of the middling intelligence required to be a journalist to come along and say 'what we're all really thinking' and to be hailed as reactionary geniuses in the process. Yes, we have the tabloids. There's plenty of Little Johns and Katie Hopkinses to go round. But, obviously, there's a new generation of people who want their dicks a little smarter, and dare I say it, less middleclass and middleaged.

Of course.
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