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May 27, 2022, 10:48:37 PM

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Just seen your dad

Started by Bazooka, June 27, 2019, 12:14:13 PM

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Just seen your dad, nude, awful.

Just seen your dad fucking a trout.

Just seen your dad, down the park, silly bastard.

Just seen your dad, driving the wrong way.

Just seen your dad kissing an old man on the neck.

Just seen your dad with your mum buying reduced ham.

And I'm going to tell the whole school.

Sebastian Cobb

Seen yer da nicking flowers from the accident blackspot.

Ray Travez

Quote from: Bazooka on June 27, 2019, 12:14:13 PM
Just seen your dad, nude, awful.

Mate you saw my dad nude

You saw my dad nude through the curtains

You saw my dad nude 'cos you'd been waiting up all night with your binoculars

You saw my dad nude through your £1.99 telescope and it was the best moment of your life when you caught a glimpse of his OAP winkie


Saw your dad pay off The Yorkshire Ripper to take the fall


Only man with a cock that smaller erect than flaccid.


Was he beating up my mum lol

Gregory Torso

Just seen your dad riding his mobility scooter round the park with his bomber jacket on inside out like he thinks he's nicholas lyndhurst or something


Saw your Dad invade Poland.



but he's been dead for 8 years

Dr Trouser

curling one off into a B&Q display toilet


Quote from: Chollis on June 27, 2019, 04:29:54 PM
but he's been dead for 8 years
Just seen your dad....
Still some tasty morsels of preserved meat neath the sacrum.

He was cremated.

Just seen your dad...
Blowing in the wind

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Quote from: Sebastian Cobb on June 27, 2019, 12:15:28 PM
Seen yer da nicking flowers from the accident blackspot.

Uuuummmmm I'm telling your mum that you said the n word

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Just seen your old man huffing farts from a brown paper sick bag

I was like what are you huffing, farts or puke and he was like this:  farts mate

An he looked so blissed out he told me you should try it yourself, being his son an that


Just seen your dad do a double take of the toilet

Just seen your Dad drinking his dogs piss.

Mr Banlon


Just seen your dad, flaunting his drink in front of Will Self.

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I've just seen your dad, by the way.  At first he was calmly pissing into his wallet, but then as he realised he was going to piss more than a wallet's worth he started panicking and there was all piss sloshing everywhere.

The member of staff in the Natural History Museum gift shop was going AAARGH WHAT ARE PLAYING AT, IT'S GOING ALL OVER THE GIFTS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.  All manic and shouting when there were kids about.

I took your dad's side because they're not gifts are they.  You have to pay for them and once you are on that particular slippery slope, you may as well piss on them.  That's what I think.


I saw him wearing a sensible sweater and having a nice pint of bitter down the pub.

Gregory Torso

Just seen your dad baby and he was lookin FRESH


...centre spread off an early '80's Welsh language gay porno mag.
Nowt on except a cowboy hat and holster belt, vicious looking dildo in each pouch, snakeskin boots, one foot on an upturned metal bucket, tab in his mouth, nob on the throb, proper diamond cutter. Good nick for his age.


Just seen your Dad fondly remembering a great kebab


Just seen your dad speaking with you and your brother, your brother definitely got more looks in.


Just seen your dad getting headbutted by Jimmy 5 Bellies in the Bigg Market, mid-90s. Fucking hell.


Just seen your Dad get skinned by a full back, Longbenton Costcutters

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Just saw your dad, mate.

He secretly reads the TV Times in WHSmiths.  He watches ITV in your house when nobody is around.


I've just seen your dad fixing a radiator on a Sunday afternoon, as they all do!


I've just seen Shoulders' dad on a motorised lawnmower bombing down the A62

He's well disappoint in his son

Gregory Torso

I have just seen your dad in Primark buying a ceramic arse with a cactus growing out of it, up at the till with a "I can't believe this is what I am buying my son for his wedding" expression on his face.

Gregory Torso

Ah I have just seen your dad driving naked except for a baseball cap with a pair of tits on it that says "FUN BAGS '99" and as he went past me he screamed "there is no place for regrets here, little boy"