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Heads up : New Albums....

Started by Rubbish Monkey, February 06, 2004, 01:44:07 AM

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Rubbish Monkey

Since the heads up phrase was being used and i just wanted to use it.....erm and there doesn't seem to be a new realeases thread...(although i was unsure of Splattermac's, thought maybe it be new band stuff).

So here we are....

RJD2 - "Since We Last Spoke" Out  in May. Promo available from usual outlets. I like it so far.

Rubbish Monkey


I'm a  fuckwit.

especially as i looked there, but thats a reccomendations one rather than a new albums one. Ok im trying to justifiy my stupidity.

blue jammer

No worries, it was originally for new stuff, I just shoved a load of stuff that I had posted elsewhere, to re-post it.

You have a point though, maybe the other one should be kept for albums that are available, and this one for stuff not yet out and promo's ?

Rubbish Monkey

I dunno.

alot of already out stuff gets missed by me....personally speaking. Buts thats me with my many fat fingers in many fat musical pies.

well ta anyway, i never knew rjd2 had another coming out so soon. i'm getting it now from the usual outlets.