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Title: Army providing support for the NHS
Post by: Fambo Number Mive on August 20, 2021, 06:28:26 PM
QuoteNearly 100 members of the Army have been brought in to help four ambulance trusts in England look after patients.

High demand and staffing shortages mean they are being used to work alongside NHS staff.

Ambulance services in the South Central, South West, North East and East areas of England are being supported by the military.

The union, Unison, said it was a "sign things are not right" within the ambulance service.

The pressures on the ambulance service are not just down to the pandemic.

There have been unprecedented numbers of 999 calls - increasing demand on ambulances combining with sickness, staff isolating because of Covid and annual leave.

According to BBC health editor Hugh Pym

QuoteAs society has opened up, people's fears about going into hospital have receded.

Patients with conditions which might not have been reported earlier in the year are coming forward...

The worry is that they are needed to back up frontline staff in August even after the predicted surge in Covid infections did not happen.

This does not bode well for the months ahead when a difficult flu season and the usual winter pressures as well as Covid will stretch a tired workforce even further...

Of course the UK Government are not bringing in any restrictions despite Covid exerting clear pressures on the NHS. Even bringing back masks on public transport and in shops would help, but they care more about appealing to selfish "my freedoms" dickheads than keeping people safe and protecting the NHS.

Fuck this government. And fuck the pathetic opposition that is Starmar's Labour Party. They don't care about the public or the NHS.