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April 16, 2024, 06:15:54 PM

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South Park - Season 26

Started by JesusAndYourBush, February 19, 2023, 12:15:50 AM

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I liked it!

The "nobody can do shit anymore" was funnier than the Panderverse story. That said, Panderverse was pretty funny too in terms of its actual jokes and beats but I felt a bit squeamish for too long about what Matt and Trey were actually saying with it.

Moreover, it is actually "pandering" to remake everything with diverse leads? Pandering implies that minorities have enough voice to demand these remakes. I don't think they do, nor do I think they particularly want them. It's trolling if anything, right? To get attention: the new marketing.

What happened to Micky at Disney? Did he get killed in the post-COVID film or something? Can't remember.

I quite like it when SP uses bombastic movie tropes. I like their Pythonesque silliness better though. Like the distant wimpering sound Cartman makes when he's escaping.

Skeeter's wine bar!
City Woke!
As frajer said, the unimaginative alternative Randys was pretty good.

Off to check Kathleen Kennedy isn't under my bed now...


Mickey didnt die in the COVID specials.The portrait in the boardroom I think implied he was still real CEO but they wanted to just do stuff with the real, boring Disney execs. It's nice they can make nods to continuity without being weighed down with it.

Surely the Pandering in the Panderstone is as much about telling the same stories over and over, as the diversity casting. Thats just something superficial it does to keep critics happy, while rehashing the same old shit. Cartman KK just took it to silly extremes by e.g. insisting they put a chick in the new Bambi and make her gay.

Anyway it was funny imo. A lot better than Streaming Wars which was far more about obtuse allegories for stuff about the deal they made with HBO, stuck in with climate change for some reason.


A new episode aired yesterday, "South Park (Not Suitable for Children)".
I've not seen it yet, just downloading it now.
It's about influencers, only fans, and some expensive energy drink.
Really taking advantage of the 6-day topicality that they always brag about! :rolleyes:

EDIT: Actually I quite liked that, I even genuinely laughed out loud a couple of times.

Noodle Lizard

That one was alright, and I think it was at least trying to say something meaningful about companies influencing children (although I think it lost the thread a little at the end). I've got a 12-year-old stepson who's obsessed with Prime and it's been very difficult to explain some of this stuff in a way which is at all resonant, even just the basic point that "nobody cared about this three weeks ago, why is it so important now?"

The OnlyFans stuff was fine, although it felt like a remix of a few other Randy subplots, and the comedy value of a dad doing OnlyFans has been mined more concisely before (this from Shane Gillis, for instance:

No particular highlights, but it was mostly entertaining and occasionally thought-provoking, which I don't know if I'd say about the last couple of these they've done.


genuinely wouldnt have known about this without this bump. ironic considering it was primarily about online influencing.

yeah it was ok. didn't really have a lot of pay-off imo, except why they chose Clyde as the focus and swapped out Stan, Kyle and Kenny for the most part.

lots of Randy's penis.

Spoiler alert
imagine your task at south park studios being find some old photographs of miners and draw penises on them


Finally got around to Not Suitable for Children.

I liked Cartman toasting a pop-tart over an open fire in the ransacked pharmacy.

Also how nobody reacts at all to Randy's penis, so jaded to outrage everyone has become.

The auction was great, especially the groups doing the bidding. Mattel, Build-A-Bear, the Canadian Government, etc.

I'd have preferred this as a classic 20-minutes though. The first 20 minutes flipping between Cred and OnlyFans was pretty repetitive and could have been done in 5.


I don't think Matt and Trey were solely criticising 'woke' people in the Pandaverse. I don't think it's a coincidence that the only person who gave a shit about diversity in Disney movies was Cartman, who is the evil racist, and who gave a disproportionately big shit about it. I would say it was an example of them satirising all sides.

Other one about Prime and Onlyfans was also good, never any complaints about South Park from me tho