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April 22, 2024, 06:51:48 AM

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Clone High is back

Started by madhair60, May 23, 2023, 10:38:59 PM

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one of my favourite "adult animations" Canada's own Clone High has returned with a second season after 20 years. The first of the two released episodes is very funny, but the subject matter might make you roll your eyes ("cancel culture"), it's executed well though in my opinion.

The second episode is vintage and I already love the new characters.

Anyway, zero replies, etc. I'm really happy, I love this show


Looking forward to watching this on auto subtitles at a branch of POON.

The Mollusk

Whoa holy shit I forgot this was happening


What channel is this on?

Oh hang on I'll Google it.



Oh fuck, it's like it never left.
Confucius best new clone :)


bumping this cos few posts, but "season 2" of the reboot is out

the last season started out good but went downhill fast. it was fine, i guess. this seems fine too. it's a shame, because the original was tippety top, constantly funny. this is kinda not.


what the fuck is the point in bringing back a TV show if you're gonna remove one of the most beloved characters, change all the others' personalities, and introduce a bunch of new characters who have no personalities.