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February 26, 2024, 12:01:48 PM

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The Curse - new A24 Fielder/Safdie/Stone scripted TV comedy due in the autumn

Started by Tiggles, August 17, 2023, 04:39:19 PM

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Quite an interesting and funny recent Q&A with the main cast here. Not sure if I've ever seen Nathan out of character before.


Made it halfway through the meandering first episode and called it a day. Cannot be fucked persevering with it as the dire Rehearsal sapped all my goodwill towards Fielder.


definitely feel more on board after E3. last few minutes was pure Fielder, could have been out of any of his shows.


I'm enjoying it but it is very slow. Feels like it has more Safdies DNA than Fielders. Nice to have a new weekly thing to look forward to anyway


After episode 4 this has gone from being something I'm curiously persisting with, to something I love. I have really had to allow myself to relax into the pace, which is hard to do when something is making me feel stressed (like so many of these scenes). Those three are all properly not right, aren't they?

Queen Peach

I kinda like being with the characters but I'm often tuning out. too self indulgent, i blame safdie

I'm loving it. We'll see how it turns out but it's on track to be a masterpiece.

It makes me realize the reservations I had about The Rehearsal, which is that Fielder can sometimes lean too hard into the maudlin. For me at least that does not jibe well with his comedy style. Maybe it's the Safdie influence, but so far The Curse is pure cynicism. More, please!

Minami Minegishi

I think I'm enjoying this when Emma Stone is in the scene. Safdie needs to stop stinking up projects with his broad acting, though. He really takes me out of this.


Thought he was good in liquorice pizza, my wife was like, he's the polititian guy from liquorice pizze? But hw was good in that!

That was him right?


Yeah, he popped up in Oppenheimer as well.

I dunno, I guess I'm not seeing what it is about him that's rubbing people the wrong way. He's fine I think.



Really, really loved episode 5. It's fully bedded in for me now.

A couple of fab sight gags
Spoiler alert
including Asher's iPhone notes list of funny things to say
and Emma Stone was brilliant
Spoiler alert
in how she showed Whitney's tantrums, attempts to make reality fit the world she has constructed in her head and sulking and punishing of Asher

Safdie is fine as far as I'm concerned. Fielder is simply great and I'm relieved to be impressed.

I wonder how much of the shenanigans they depict reflect the reality of NFY and The Rehearsal?

I think Safdie's acting is superb in this actually. Stone as well of course.

Fielder is not a very good actor in my opinion - in some scenes it has really stood out - but that's fine because it works for this character and this show.


I think Stone is doing some exceptional work on this show, and this latest episode especially. There's a lot going on with that character, a lot of self-delusions with some genuine nastiness and entitlement bubbling under the surface, and she's just selling it completely.

Quote from: convulsivespace on December 09, 2023, 06:51:21 PMFielder is not a very good actor in my opinion - in some scenes it has really stood out - but that's fine because it works for this character and this show.

Yeah, I like Nathan in this, but you do see his limitations in comparison to a talent like Stone.

Minami Minegishi

Episode 5 was really good but should have been episode 2. It took waaay too long to get to this halfway point.

Stone is exceptional. She does obsequiousness and arrogance in the same sentence, or with a look. Fielder is excruciating but I guess that's the point.


Ohhh episode 6 had me almost feel sorry for Asher. That can't be good.

What happened with the dad?!?


So many things set in motion so far and it's almost impossible to predict where payoffs are going to come. Love the whole acting ensemble in this (Emma Stone really is properly talented) and the 70s paranoia directing choices.

Loud chuckle from me when the huge jeans/credit card push notification popped up on her phone very briefly, no doubt not the first one.


Well that episode was horrible to watch. I actually thought there were only going to be six episodes and that was the last one, but I guess there are four more coming. The show is so offbeat that if it ended there and then I would have just accepted it.

Was horrible watching the dad at the chiropractor, and I'm really not looking forward to seeing what comes next. TBH this series isn't comedy at all, it's oppressive and creepy and painful to watch people being so shallow and conniving. I think Benny Safdie is the best part of it, he gives off such weird and unpleasant vibes.

Also, I was looking up whether he was Penn Gillette's son (from Penn and Teller) because he looks SO MUCH like him.


Beginning to really feel sorry for Asher, even though he's hardly a saint himself. Just completely out of his depth with the snakes around him, and even getting stitched up in the comedy class by the teacher who was trying to deflect from his own faux pas. He's got Dougie actively trying to fuck with him and make the show about how much his wife hates him, and Whitney convincing herself that he's beneath her and he'd only ever do anything good if she made him (which is really funny considering the only reason he turned whistle-blower was to cover up that embarrassing interview where her slumlord parents were brought up).

Whitney was particularly unpleasant in this episode in her dealings with her artist friend, from the horrendously misguided gesture/joke at the start of the episode (which almost came across as hostile and felt a shade off being a hate crime), to all the manipulations and bribery that she resorted to to get her to sign the release form. Repeating myself, but Emma Stone really is killing it.

Liked the stuff with the little girl. Not convinced she has powers yet, but maybe... Do wonder how it's all going to tie in with the other stuff as the show concludes.

rude soil

Also thought this was going to be 6 episodes, like The Rehearsal. Was wondering how they were gonna tie everything up in 38 minutes.


Episode 8 was really good. Some excellent comedy with the jeans shop scene, Cara's friend fucking with Whitney, and Asher's brutal retort to Dougie about his wife (which he totally deserved, but still made me gasp).

Dougie really is a sinister and scummy presence. That scene with the little girl was extremely uncomfortable.

Also thought that scene near the end with Whitney telling Cara exactly what to say for the camera was excruciating. Think Whitney may have picked up on Cara's utter contempt for her though by the end of it.


Spoiler alert
rapping in the car.

That was a pause-and-make-myself-a-cup-of-tea-while-I-gather-myself moment for sure.

I wonder if that expression on Cara's face was wondering if she has made a huge mistake in showing her hand to Whitney?

Dougie and Asher's dynamic is pure poison.


Petey Pate

Watching this show is like having a small panic attack. It somehow manages to be even more excruciating than Fielder's other works, despite being  completely fictional.


Yeah, I can't think of another thing that I've found myself compelled to see through to the end despite quite often hating the experience of actually watching it. Don't really know anyone I would feel comfortable recommending it to. As convulsivespace said earlier in this thread, it is pure cynicism. I know shows with no sympathetic protagonists have been all the rage in the last 20 years or so, but I don't think I've encountered two more viscerally repugnant characters than Whitney and Dougie. It's almost like I feel unclean after watching some of their scenes.

I dunno. I guess it's something that I think is good and artistically interesting, but also wouldn't question anyone who thought it was complete shite and a waste of their time.


I'm hoping the series ends with Asher finally losing it and killing everyone (though I know it won't, it's not that kind of show). Episode eight really drives home that for all his considerable faults, he's the victim here, and Whitney and Dougie are a pair of self-serving vipers.

Minami Minegishi

I can dafely say that this is the most unpredictable show I have seen for some time - I really have no idea what is going to happen week by week. Even when it is not working, there is usually something novel and unusual happening on screen.

The only thing I think I do know is that the show they are making is going to air and Asher's stomach is going to drop out his arse.


Quote from: selectivememory on December 29, 2023, 02:09:07 PMThink Whitney may have picked up on Cara's utter contempt for her though by the end of it.

I didn't get that, thought Whitney was just totally oblivious as usual.