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March 02, 2024, 07:39:07 PM

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Drop the Live Donkey

Started by Mr_Simnock, December 29, 2023, 12:25:15 PM

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Can't be bothered to look for a thread on this if there already is one so -

Cast reuniting after 30 years for a stage show


Looking forward to this.
Always enjoyed DTDD - even if it did peak in the first couple of series, the performances were always great.


There was one back in May but it's quite sad to read now, as there's some wondering at the time why Haydn Gwynne isn't in it.

I saw this the other night at Richmond and it was really enjoyable, I got into this show circa 2000 when Paramount Comedy Channel repeated most of it (they'd already added the retrospective bits at the start of each episode by then explaining the news stories that week, which helped a lot) but it took another seven years or so once On Demand arrived until I watched the final series and episode, with an ending so tragic I couldn't physically move for a good few minutes afterwards. So to see all the characters happy and healthy-ish again, some referencing how they got out of their 1998 fates, was rather joyous and mean I can now watch that final episode again without it destroying me anymore. Henry's absence is mentioned with a few nice lines early on and there's a lovely tribute to Swift and Gwynne at the end, and one of my fave moments is a great bit where all the cast stop and suddenly announce the breaking news that
Spoiler alert
Charles III has died
which almost made me get my phone out to check if it was true. I get the feeling the topical jokes will update as the run goes on so it'll be interesting to hear what's changed when it returns to Richmond in six months.

The very start is a clip from the first TV episode which made me worry that it's just going to be lots of small scenes with long filler clips in between, but luckily it's just the one and it's to set up something later on. Cast generally look and act great with Susannah Doyle especially being as brilliant as ever as Joy. For a few awful seconds I thought the ending was going to be
Spoiler alert
George dying in Dave's arms
which would have been fucking horrible and a shit way to end it, so I'm glad it ends on a fun gag instead. Definitely a fun watch without giving too much away as to why and how they're all back together again.

Small Man Big Horse

Thanks for the detailed review and I'm really glad you enjoyed it, that and a fairly positive Chortle review has persuaded me to get a ticket for when it returns to Richmond, though only one of the cheap £13 Upper Circle ones.


13 squid to see this? That's a bargain. You don't get a much for that nowadays.

Small Man Big Horse

Quote from: checkoutgirl on February 06, 2024, 01:38:51 PM13 squid to see this? That's a bargain. You don't get a much for that nowadays.

That's what I thought. I mean there was a just under £4 booking fee and if I want to see their faces I'll have to bring along a pair of binoculars, but I've seen a whole bunch of shows in the upper circles of theatres in the past year and still enjoyed them an awful lot.


This is really good.
Catch it if you can.