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April 16, 2024, 06:44:15 PM

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hunting for adam and joe

Started by Tiger Woods, February 21, 2006, 08:51:32 AM

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Tiger Woods


while reminiscing on the old days of the adam and joe forum, i decided to google some of the old users...starting with the freak that was a0d...this led me here where it has been speculated that he was in fact a renowned comedian...not sure if this is true...we all imagined him to be a spotty 16 year old with an unhealthy interest in computers...

anyway, i'm now on the hunt for more ex adam and joers...people like jojo, runcible spoon...those involved in the great t4 war of 2000. so far i've located crispy noodles.

if anyone here is/was one of the adam and joers, please get in touch...either pm me or feel free to email me -


el tigre

Tiger Woods

or if anyone can elaborate on the a0d information?


Drumlake Old Boys Club

Apparently it was Ayoade. I'm particularly interested in reading some Blue Jam-style monologues that a0d wrote around that time - they are said to be deeply awful.

Tiger Woods

a0d was a regular poster on the old channel 4 adam and joe forum...a deeply odd person, would ramble off on any tangent and would share his music...managed to crach the board on more than one occassion,,,odd to think its this ayoade chap...i dont suppose there are any other old a&j posters here?

Purple Tentacle

And now he's acting alongside Buxton in The IT Crowd. It's a small world, innit?

Tiger Woods

cor blimey....what are the chances?

Slap Bass

I keep hearing about Richard Ayoade making a right arse of himself on this forum in the past and now it seems other forums too. Can you remember any of his posts or rants? Pray tell.

Tiger Woods

nothing specific on adam and joe - just a general annoyance - lots of random writings and odd music

Slap Bass

QuoteI am a0d

I am so bored, that I make up responses to posts using other users names. Then my mother makes me go to bed after my enema.

That sort of thing?

Tiger Woods

yeah that sounds reasonanbly like the a0d of old...

Slap Bass

I think I like him even more now I know he was an internet nutcase.

23 Daves

Wasn't he a CaB troll to all intents and purposes?  I seem to remember logging on here once (back when CaB had a bulletin board rather than a proper forum) and reading people's comments saying "I do wish you'd just go away".  I suppose nothing really changes in that respect.

Next year - DekionPlexis appears in Chris Morris' new comedy programme about people who work in the world of Specialist Magazine Production.  He's the editor of "You and Your Beagle".


it is entirely possible of course that it isn't him

Tiger Woods

from what i've been told a few years back a0d claimed he was ayoadae (or whatever), and knew  a few things about his career...i dont know...a0d was being an arse on a&j message/forum back in 98/99 through to 2000/01 i guess...but is one of the posters that has stuck  with me. along with jojo, runcible spoon and crispy noodles


At the time a0d was on the 4later and a&j forums almost every day, around 1999, Richard Ayoade would have just left Cambridge (as far as I know). Sorry to post about this again, I'm not the Ayoade defence force, it just seems a bit implausible that the a0d I knew of was the same person - I could be wrong, of course. Also there was a picture of a0d doing the rounds, when I was a regular on the 4later forum, that didn't look anything like Ayoade - although there's no way to verify that it was really him (it came from a Geocities site of a0d's I believe).

Re old a&j forum posters, I know a few used to post on the 4later forum too so it might be worth having a look through the 4later links page, it's a list of 4later forum regulars' sites - a lot of the links are out of date now, sadly, as it's no longer updated:


Q: Jamiroquai - Black Capricorn Day

Next year - DekionPlexis appears in Chris Morris' new comedy programme about people who work in the world of Specialist Magazine Production.  He's the editor of "You and Your Beagle".[/quote]

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