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March 02, 2024, 09:10:33 PM

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Only Fools and Horses

Started by Leej88, June 08, 2021, 05:27:09 PM

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Does anyone like the final trilogy where everything was retconned and the characters went back to the way they were?



The last 20 minutes of the final one, where it turned into a drama about Roderny's real Dad was alright.

Captain Z

1. Del Boy falls through the bar
2. They drop the chandelier
3. The Trotters all standing in a row wearing shades while 'Livin' La Vida Loca' plays


The blow up dolls
Dressed up as Batman and Robin
Them fainting at the auction house

Catalogue Trousers

Christ, it's great just listing old sitcom moments at each other, isn't it?

Video Game Fan 2000

Captain Ted: Don't tell him the name of the rhino movie, Homer

Video Game Fan 2000

Del: Are they a couple of ravers?
Rodney: [recits the entire text of Andrea Chu's Females from memory as Chas n Dave music swells]

Longest episode ever at 32 hours. Directed by him wot done Draughtman's Contract



The episode where Trigger blew himself up on the Tube was a bit rum.

Peckham doesn't even have an Underground station.

Video Game Fan 2000

Remember when Cassandra had so many miscarriages in the same half-hour period she was propelled into orbit? And Rodney had to climb up the pile of fetuses to get her back?

Couldn't stop laughing at that. I don't know where Del Boy gets his ideas from cry emoji


Little known fact that Del Boy sings the theme song.


I like the one where Boycie goes to Bulgaria as part of a post-car business scam.


Is this the show that ripped off that hilarious Comedy Dining Experience?




I always thought it was Rodney who sang it but was John Sullivan.


Got some half priced crack pipes, mounds and mounds of carp and tiles, TVs deep fees David Bowie help please, ball gains old change and wuss names and at a bush, some Trev or France-ish drag suits from Russian Shepard's bush bush bush bush bush bush bush bush

Video Game Fan 2000

Mum always said : make sure you fall through the bar

Video Game Fan 2000

People think it was very foolish for Del Boy to fall through the bar but if you look at it on HD you can see that he's caught sight of large diamond on the floor slightly out of shot and he's only pretending to fall so he can pocket it himself without bringing attention to it. I think this is a very shrewd move on his part and frankly I think the people laughing are the foolish ones.


I remember what Mum said on her deathbed, she said Del Boy make sure little Rodney gets an emperor burger.

Video Game Fan 2000

When mum was on her death bed she'd say : Del boy, she said, one day little Rodney is gonna say "stop hitting me, Del". And she made me promise I wouldn't.

Elderly Sumo Prophecy

Video Game Fan 2000

The best celebrity cameo is the girl who asks Rodney if he likes Bros. Do you recognise her? Bjork that is.


I'm seeing double here: four Del Boys!

Elderly Sumo Prophecy

Little known fact: Del Boy is actually short for Delicious Boy.